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Pippi Longstocking Composition 300 words

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"Pippi Longstocking" 300 words after reading :

I read a book for the winter vacation. The book is called "Pippi Longstocking" and it is very interesting.

The protagonist of this book is Pippi. She lives alone in the hut. She is not accompanied by her father and mother, but she thinks this is quite good. No one will tell her to sleep when she has the best time. When she thinks When eating sweets, no one would force her to eat cod liver oil. In fact, Pippi had a father before, her dad was the captain, but once was caught in the sea, cute Pippi believed that his father had become the king of the black country! Pippi's neighbors are Dumi and Anika. At first Dumi and Anica were very curious about Pippi. In the end, they became good friends. After going through many things, one thing that impressed me the most was that Pippi went sailing. The three little friends rented a boat together and went to play at sea. The shark swam towards Dumi. Dumi was terrified. The shark's mouth left Du. When Mi's legs were only a few centimeters, Pippi jumped into the sea, raised the shark, and threw himself into the distance. Dumi was saved, but Pippi cried on the shore. Anika asked in surprise: Pippi, why are you crying? Pippi said sadly: I think the little shark has no food! After reading this paragraph, I also know that Pippi is a child who cares about animals.

After reading this book, I learned: I have to be independent since I was young, do n’t always rely on my parents, do my own things, and help each other. I want to learn from Pippi and be an independent child since childhood!


After reading Pippi Longstocking 300 words :

Recently, I read "Pippi Longstocking" by Ringling.

This book tells the story of Pippi, the little girl in stockings. Everyone called her Pippi. Her mother died very early, and her father was a captain, who was caught in the sea by a storm during a voyage, but Pippi believed that her father was alive. She lives alone in a small house and lives completely on her own. She has a sack of gold coins, rich like a god of wealth, strong like a horse, and can lift a cow up. Almost everything she does is against the will of adults, such as not going to school, mouthfuls of nonsense, joking with the police, teasing tramps, sailing at sea, spending money on buying a whole lot of candy for children ...

A summer evening one year later, Pippi's family suddenly came to a special visitor—Pippi's father, Efraim returned. It turned out that after being swept away by the storm, instead of sinking into the sea, it drifted to an island. The Huotundu people lived on this island. Pippi's father was elected as the leader because he broke a palm tree empty-handed and became the king of Huotundu Island. Pippi became a princess.

In my eyes, Pippi is an independent, individual, opinionated, and almost mysterious child. Her unusual experience is as fascinating as Robinson Crusoe. In life, I want to be as independent and have my own characteristics as Pippi. In learning, we must be as unstoppable as Pippi.

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