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"Alice in Wonderland" after reading 300 words

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"Alice in Wonderland" after watching 300 words :

A blond, beautiful girl, after arguing with her mother, rushed out of the house and saw a rabbit wearing a hat and hurried away. Out of curiosity, Alice followed, and fell into a mysterious fantasy world "underground wonderland". The rabbit that brought Alice here is called "March Rabbit". There, she met the talking flowers and flowers, and a wonderful cat that came and went without a trace. They met the Queen White and walked towards the palace of the Queen of Hearts with them. The Queen of Hearts is kind by nature, but the control of the Heart Knight is broken. Alice killed the fighting dragon with a Buddha sword. Wonderland finally calmed down. This kind of brave spirit of Alice is worth learning, and we must be a brave and good child. Don't cry when you are in trouble! Author; Liu Yimo

"Alice in Wonderland" after watching 300 words :

After watching this play, my psychology could not be calm for a long time. Each actor performed the characters vividly and vividly, and the image was realistic, as if I was in front of the mirror.

The play mainly tells that Alice was brought to Fairy Mirror by Mr. Rabbit, and encountered many difficulties. After the encouragement of Zhizong and White Queen, she finally killed the evil dragon with a stone sword. The Queen Queen ’s sister, also the Red Queen, woke Here, Alice finally returned to the story of her mother. What struck me and moved me was that Mad Cap gave Alice a chance to survive when there was only one bottle of shrunken medicine, and that period impressed me.


The drama has taught me a lot, each of them is not nervous, and is able to perform actions freely, so that this shortcoming of me is completely made up. Moreover, they are sharp-spoken and standard in pronunciation. I really opened the door to reading and performing in my heart.

I love drama, I love Alice in Fairy Mirror. Author: Liu Siyuan

"Alice in Wonderland" after watching 300 words :

I went to watch the play with my mother and brother. Alice was a timid little girl. Later in Xianjing, she became a brave girl.

There are a few little people in the fairy mirror. They are a cat that disappears, a silly hat who can make all kinds of hats, white and red queens, and an evil dragon. In the fairy mirror, in various battles, the silly hat gave Alice the medicine that could be reduced to survive, and after everyone's encouragement, Alice killed the evil dragon with the stone sword. Eventually, they obtained victory. Alice is back to reality, she misses her friends very much and looks forward to meeting them again.

I like this story, I like this play, and hope to have a chance to watch it next time. Author: Liu Sitong

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