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1000 words after reading "Ferryman"

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After reading "Ferryman" 1000 words:

The first time I was obsessed with a novel, the body seemed to be growing up with a chair. From 1 noon to 8 pm, I didn't get up for 8 hours.

Insight 1: The world we see is exactly what the inner world maps out

In the world that Dylan came to after the death of the body, the wilderness and hills, swamps, and mud all over the land are all the scenes matched by her dark and negative, grief and panic. Any change in her mood will directly affect the state of the weather, sadness is overcast, and joy is clear, and the demons can only move when there is no sunlight, so in order to extend the safety time as much as possible, Tristan the ferry What makes her feel good.

Most of the time we see the sad side of the world and many dissatisfaction, complaining of God's injustice, and bad luck, all of which stem from the chain reaction of our negative emotions. This is not for us to evade reality, but to face it with a positive attitude. When we start to believe that when you smile, the world will smile at you, and we will find that life really starts to treat us kindly.

Insight 2: What really prevents us from moving forward is inner fear and wandering

For a long time, Dylan thought that the demons were invincible enemies. He had seen countless souls being dragged down by them, and had personally experienced the scary spirits that almost escaped him. Instinctively thought that he could survive a difficult situation because of Trieste's protection. Until she decided to find Tristan alone, she became brave, strong, and savvy, and the devil had the greed of all the wicked, and would look for attacks that they thought were the weakest group to ensure that they spent the least energy to get the most Gains.

Many times when we decide to do one thing, we will unconsciously think that the road ahead is difficult and find countless excuses to let ourselves give up in peace. In fact, we are just afraid of frustration and failure, yearning for the unknown world over and over again, but without the courage to walk out of the comfort zone, so we have been spinning around, putting our dreams on the shelf, and then living a plain, watery day after day Envious of others' lives.


Insight 3: The so-called "impossible", most of the time is just a timid cover cloth

When Dylan decided to look back for Tristan, the experienced Jonas clearly told her that she would be killed because of this unconventional practice. When Dylan successfully found Tristan and offered to go to earth with him, Tristan also vowed that it was impossible. However, it turned out that Dylan's insistence was correct. Not only did she not die, but she came to the world with her beloved.

From small to large, we have heard countless impossibles, and we often see people who realize what they think is impossible. The problem is that when we hear the word "impossible", we will instinctively believe in it, and then when someone asks us the same question, we will convey this "impossible" to others. There is almost no People doubt whether it is true or not. No one thinks about those who give opinions. Have they experienced what we said in person, even if they have experienced it in person, are they doing things the same way as we do?

In Shawshank's Redemption, it says: Cowardly imprisoned human soul, hoping to make you feel free. The strong save themselves, the saint saves others. There are very few sages, but at least we can become brave, try to be a strong person, question the "impossible" of other populations, and be the first to eat crabs when necessary.

Insight 4: The best love is to become each other's ferry

The ferryman Tristan worked desperately to protect Dylan to the other side of heaven. He saved Dylan's soul and allowed her to reunite with her family after her death. Later, because of her attachment to love, Dylan overcame all the difficulties to find Tristan, and because of her desire for love, she had the idea of returning to the world. At this time, Trista was always brave because of the possible consequences of breaking the rules. Consequences of fear and fear began to become timid, finally overcoming fear with Dylan's encouragement, and came to the world with her. In the process, Dylan realized the redemption of the lives of two people and at the same time allowed them to have a better love.

There are many types of love. The most beautiful looks should be the ferry people of each other. During the process of love while walking, the two people gradually become better together, and each of them can live as they want.

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