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"Gold mine" Book Writing 1000 words

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Lean treasure - "gold mine" Book 1000 words:

"Gold," a book about a near bankrupt company, through a series of how lean management turnaround story. Throughout the book by story form, elaborated, data analysis, charts how the father of lean improvement. After reading feel themselves personally involved in this reform.

Author elaborate management thinking in the form of novels, full of "close to customers, treating employees, low-cost, zero defect" lean manufacturing culture. Starting from the second chapter in the book, the author began to "production waste" dialogue, citing Toyota's seven wastes (overproduction, waiting, transportation, walking, inventory, unnecessary operations and defective products) plant currently production status were analyzed. Want to point out efficiently, it is necessary to maximize the value of the product, as the book says, let the customer feel your product is really worth buying.

For the production process of all kinds of waste, father and son duo of lean management has taken a series of measures to implement the JIT system management tools, customer-oriented, demand-king. Compared to only inefficiencies (waste) to 0, to make the work of nearly 100%, the real increase efficiency. Toyota's pursuit of on-demand production, so to control the people, in order to make extra productivity with the required production coincide. Lean management insisted that the stock is not economical to produce "root of all evil", thanks to unnecessary inventory, backlog of enterprise funds, increasing the cost of capital. Therefore, companies need to improve efficiency and reduce costs by combining moving to a small number of people, only the production of the required number of products in that direction; efficiency, each operator must focus from the scene by the employees and their organized production line, each link must be increased in order to receive the overall effect.

What is Lean? To put it plainly is through continuous improvement so that enterprises with a minimum investment of resources including manpower, equipment, funds, materials, time and space to create more value for customers with new products and timely services. The overall aim is to reduce waste and improve profits.


Recalling the continuous improvement of our company, Allan have been pursuing rationalization proposals 6s and not also to reduce waste and improve profits it?

Lean management from lean production. I personally think that lean management should not stop at "talking on paper". Lean management comes from production and should also return to production. Any management that does not take the site as a benchmark is empty talk. "Gold", the author said his father "plant is a gold mine, and front-line staff in the factory is this gold mine of gold." As the "people-oriented" concept of lean management, lean management scheme proposed in the process, we need to be combined with on-site, combined with the site operators.

Lean management focuses on "people-oriented". For the company, employees are the real wealth of the company. Just as many companies will learn to imitate Toyota's lean management philosophy at first, but in fact, the most attractive part of Toyota is its employee culture. An enterprise without employees will be empty buildings and stationary machines, without input, output, and of course, without any profit, the enterprise will no longer be an enterprise. Staff spirit, of the work attitude will determine the state of the enterprise, strong cohesion, solidarity large, the army is fighting, overlay the effect is not everyone's strength, but rather exponentially. How to improve the cohesion of employees, from the beginning of the problem, find solutions, to create a positive and progressive culture, and actively play to their wisdom, instead of paying compensation only for the hands of employees. Therefore, enterprises can:

1. attractive to equity interests;

2. to show their employees to build a platform;

3. Give the general staff development opportunities;

4. exploration technologies;

From the perspective of Lean people, so I feel most of the book most is the "systematic analysis of the problem", which is the basic criteria required to master a system of IE. The book hero father at an angle of comprehensive and systematic look at the problem analysis to find out cause of the problem, and then the problems one by one break.

Strengthen management, continuous improvement is a core. Management is the basis, and only good business management, only "basic competence", "basic competence" + "core competencies" is the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, there must be comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises can in the fierce market competition to seek survival and development.

The book the author cites many Toyota's management philosophy, it is precisely because of Toyota's existing production and management experience to form a lean management philosophy. At present the company's lean management Island was still in its early stages, the "gold mine," a book to learn, let me know and appreciate the target framework for future Lean Management Department. The book value of related flow, inventory, takt time, standardized work, pull production, Kanban system and balanced production, it is also a blueprint for the future of our lean management department. Author: Yi Package

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