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The brave king's adventures After reading, the composition is about 200 words and 250 words.

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After bragging about the adventures of the king, about 200 words :

I read the book "The Adventures of Bragging King". The hero in the book is Meng Haosen. I told you that I have traveled to the moon and hunted in the jungle. Someone stood up and said, "You must be bragging. I do n’t think bragging is good. Others will not believe you either. As a result, Menghausen took the risk. It happened to be very cold that day. The horse that grew up with her was almost frozen, and in the end they were frozen to death. This is bragging. result.

After bragging about the adventures of the king, about 250 words :

The protagonist of the story also encountered a lot of interesting things during the hunting process: the wild boar's fangs were nailed to the tree, he shot him more tightly with bricks, and the shot pin in the shotgun was knocked out. He Hitting the eyes with heavy boxing, Mars appeared in the eyes, and the gunpowder was ignited, so he harvested a lot of game. In order to catch the wild duck, he tied a piece of lard to the rope, and the wild duck ate and pulled it all at once. The wild ducks in the pond were put on the ropes, and then all the wild ducks took him to his home ...


After reading the entire story, I found that whether it is thinking of hunting methods in hunting, gaining unexpected gains, or becoming astonished in the dangerous experience, or building success in battles, these bizarre The story actually tells us that people have many difficulties and setbacks in their lives, as long as we use our brains. Learn to face bravely, witly, and calmly, then you can always find a solution.

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