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200 words after reading "Rabbit Slope"

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"Rabbit Slope" after reading 200 words :

Today I have read the book "Rabbit Slope". The book tells about a place called Rabbit Hill. One day, a new family is coming, and the small animals living there are particularly nervous. The previous family was delicious and lazy, did nothing, and did not plant crops, which made the little rabbits full. How much they wish the newcomer to be a hardworking person. In the end, the rabbits received a satisfactory answer to their hopes. The new family moved in. They were gentle, kind, and hard-working. They liked to live in harmony with the animals, so that the animals lived a happy and happy life.

The third grade "Rabbit Slope" felt about 200 words after reading :

A few days ago, I read a book called Rabbit Bunny. I know a rabbit called Joachi.

Little Qiaoqi is a cheerful and lively rabbit. One day, the little animals on the hillside knew that the new family was about to move in. Some animals thought that the family might be bad people, and some animals thought they would treat them as friendly as before. Soon they knew the answer: the new family was not only friendly to them, but they also gave food to these little animals every day.


After reading this book, I know that both humans and animals need to live in harmony, and hurting small animals is equivalent to hurting ourselves, so we all need to take care of small animals. The same is true among classmates. If you hurt any classmates, you will lose a friendship!

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