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Teachers felt 800 words in "Journey to the West"

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Teachers felt 800 words in "Journey to the West":

"Journey to the West" is one of the four famous masterpieces in ancient China. "Journey to the West" tells the Tang monk and his three apprentices that they have gone through all the hardships and dangers, and the demons and demons experienced the difficulties of 1981, and finally they were obtained in Xitian The true story.

There are many vivid characters in "Journey to the West", and I really admire the author's rich imagination. Among them, the images of the four monks and apprentices in Tang Dynasty are particularly distinctive. These four figures have their own characteristics and different personalities, forming a stark contrast. A person's life emerged from Tang monks and apprentices.

Tang Seng is a kind-hearted person with a strong faith. His belief is to go to Xitian to learn the scriptures. Even if it is difficult to do so in 1989, he must move forward bravely and unwaveringly ... Tang Seng is the leader of the team. He is devoted to the Buddha, determined to learn the scriptures, and has a bodhisattva heart. He is a person's spiritual self. He has a firm will, insists on ethics, and will not change his heart even if he is tired or hard. People with faith are more likely to succeed!

Sun Wukong was a child and adolescent. He didn't know the boundaries of life and the boundaries of his behavior. Sun Wukong has the demeanor of a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers. He can go to heaven and do everything. He made a big noise at Tiangong Temple, stole Xiantao, stolen Xiandan, and searched for East China Sea's Ruyi Golden Hoop Stick, and dared to make a bid. He had little success, holding talents and being too frustrated, was crushed under Wuzhishan. 500 years of reflection wiped out the suffocation, arrogance, and wildness on him, then converged, and more severe punishment measures (tightening spells) restrained him, making him afraid to make mistakes at will, and achieved great things. Sun Wukong is a rebellious self, an indulgent self and a self-explanatory self. Dare to fight dare to fight, do not comply with laws and regulations. This is a self-exhibition, a wonderful life, a beautiful life. But we also need to be in awe, the legal system, and the laws of nature in order to take a good life.


Pig Bajie is a youth of a person. Zhu Bajie cast a pig fetus because of teasing Chang'e, but he still tried his best to visit Gao Laozhuang repeatedly, and he changed his evil spirits to Guanyin. I do n’t forget to enjoy in time on the way to learn the scriptures, and I want to break up when I encounter difficulties-"Huge brother, you go back to your Huaguoshan. I go back to my Gao Laozhuang." Reconcile the help of your brothers and sisters, and get rid of their shortcomings and mistakes, and then go further. Pig Bajie is a self-enjoying and practical self. Along the way, being at ease, eating, sleeping, and sleeping are the rules of life. Living in the present is the best inheritance and interpretation.

Sand monks are people in their mid-to-mature age, shouldering heavy burdens, there are old and small, and family burdens rest on the shoulders, with responsibility and responsibility. The sand monk no longer has the ignorance and recklessness of the young people, and there is no longer the sway of the young people, but the responsibility and responsibility of the middle and middle-aged people. One's own stability is related to the safety of the whole family, step by step, step by step, step forward, and have awe. Sand monk is a person's true self, real self. Responsibility is the creed of life, and being stable is the principle to follow. People must have firm beliefs, or they will shake their minds and confuse their minds, and it will be difficult to achieve positive results.

Bai Longma is a person's old age, and obedience is the last word. Everything is cause and effect, everything is fate. Everything goes with ease and comfort, life is quiet and interesting, down-to-earth, and enjoy life. The monk and apprentice Tang are the four incarnations of a true self. They have a firm conviction. They must suppress desire, take steady steps, and reflect all the time in order to achieve positive results and become true gods.

The four teachers and apprentices have very different personalities and great abilities, but they will cooperate, trust each other, and learn from each other's strengths, so they have overcome one difficulty after another. In fact, the path of Tang monks and apprentices learning is just like our life. There must be many difficulties. As long as we can persist and not be afraid of difficulties, we can finally succeed like Tang monks and apprentices. In life, we should be united like them, because only unity can succeed!

After reading "Journey to the West", I thought about it for a long time, and found that this book turned out to bring me inner inspiration and infinite strength. This is a classic that everyone loves to read, and everyone can get different feelings and inspirations when interpreting it. People will encounter many difficulties in their lives! After suffering, but with no change of heart, perseverance, fear of danger, courage, and perseverance ... In this way, people can live the length of life, expand the width of life, and live the wonderful life! Text: Kang Xue

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