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300 Words in Structural Thinking

时间:2019年09月03日 Source: yjnnfood.com Time: September 03, 2019

"Structural Thinking" 300 words after reading:

"Pyramid Principles" is one of the classic tutorials in the MBA communication class. When I was reading, I always admired it, but after reading it, I found that it was a little less "friendly" for Chinese readers. Language and examples are far from our situation.

After reading this "Structure Thinking" recently, I feel that many of Minto's views have been localized, and a summary has been given. I recommended this book during last week's in-company training.


This book is mainly to solve a real situation: people have a lot of knowledge and skills, but there is no way to turn these knowledge and skills into problem-solving abilities and form a program output. Hopefully this book will teach you how to translate tacit knowledge and skills into acceptable explicit output. After all, this ability is too important in the workplace, and it is precisely that we are weak.

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