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"Dedication of Suspect X" after reading composition 200 words

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"Dedication of Suspect X" after reading 200 words:

Recorded the first book by Keigo Higashino, a book that I wanted to read in one go, I felt that my brain cells were not enough, but the key point in time was ignored, and the truth was only spoken at the end. Really understand the greatness of the stone god.

With all assumptions based on the premise that one has sinned, how can one love one another to such an extent. The genius stone god was accidentally rescued by Jingzi's mother and daughter. As long as they live well, they can save a person.

I think the climax of the story is what Shi Shen did when he killed that gear, replacing the death of one with the death of another to cover up the truth of their murder. The gears proposed by Yukawa are also really interesting. "Neither you nor I can get rid of the clock, and each other will become the gears of the clock of society. Once the gears are missing, the clock will be out of order. Nor is it intolerable.


Although we have been settled, it is an indisputable fact to lose our freedom. Among the nomads, there should be many people who do not want to return to their original lives. There is no useless gear in this world, only the gear itself can determine its use. "

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