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600 Words in Composition after Reading Marsh

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After reading The Marsh: 600 words:

"Water Margin" and "Dream of the Red Mansion", "Journey to the West" and "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" are synonymous, collectively known as the four major masterpieces, of which "Water Margin" comes from the hands of Shi Naijiao.

There are many heroes in "Water Margin", such as: Song Jiang, Lu Junyi, Wu Yong, Gongsun Sheng, Guan Sheng, Lin Chong, Duan Jingzhu ... but they have a common feature-loyalty.

I like Song Jiang best because he is very loyal. They take care of them every time they fight, they are very loyal to their friends, and they are very careful in their work. There are stories about him, Song Jianglou's headline anti-poem, Song Jiangxue hated the heavenly books, Song Jiang defeated Gao Taiwei three times ... Among them, I like Song Jiang defeated Gao Taiwei 3rd. There are various reasons for this. So, Gao Yi sent troops to fight Song Jiang. When he hit the first time, he lost two generals. At this time, Song Huizong wanted to recruit again, but Gao Yi did not recruit An Cheng because of the manipulation. At this time, a person named Ye Chun gave Gao Ling a drawing of a sea fish autumn battleship. By the time of winter, there were dozens of ships, but all the Liangshan Shuijun were underwater dragons, and the crossbow of the ship was too high He couldn't hit the boat, and Zhang Shun leaked the bottom of the boat and caught Gao Yan alive.


Among them, I hate Li Yan the most, because he was very reckless, and it was this habit that he almost lost his head. The first time I watched the lantern in Tokyo was Li Yan. However, Li Zheng couldn't understand when he saw Tokyo. Why let's see? He was gasping for breath, and then Taiwei Yang came to the Emperor. At this time, Li Yan said nothing, so he picked up a chair and smashed Yang Taiwei. At this time, Song Jiang and others came and saw Li Yan's assault and pulled Li Yan away. Before Li Wei had arrived, Song Jiang asked Yan Qing and Li Li to return to Liangshan first. Yan Qing and Li Yan went back to Liangshan all the way, and in the middle of the mouth, they learned that Song Jiang robbed the man's daughter. Back in Liangshan, Li Yan first cut down the Xinghuang Banner and tore up the banner of "Xingtianxingdao". Song Jiang asked, "What are you going to do?" Yan Qing talked about things on the road, Song Jiang gambled with Li Yan, and signed a military order, but in the end Liu Taigong saw it, not this person. Back at the cottage, Li Yan pleaded guilty to the crimes taught by Yan Qing. Song Jiang still refused to let Li Yan kill the fake Song Jiang. Li Ye was very happy to hear it, rescued Taigong Liu, and gave Song Jiang the heads of the two thieves, so as to avoid the beheading agreement.

The story of The Water Margin is very exciting. I have read some passages several times, and I will read them again in the future. Author: Huang Zaixuan

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