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"The Journey of Beauty" 600 essays after reading

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"The Course of Beauty" After Reading 600 Words:

I asked for a book for the summer vacation, and I chose The Journey of Beauty. After getting this book and looking at the cover, you can't guess some information about the text content from the cover like some other books, which is full of mystery. Before you open the book, let's understand what everyone knows about this book:

Feng Youlan said, "It is a big book, a history of Chinese aesthetics and art, a history of Chinese literature, a history of Chinese philosophy, and a history of China." Someone once asked: "This is a This monograph? No. This is a general history? No. This is a prose? No. This is a note? No. " In fact, it can be everything, and it can be nothing. Many people think that this is a book that is difficult to classify. It can be a thought book or an aesthetic book, because it contains a lot of philosophical analysis and aesthetic introduction, as well as a lot of historical literature on cultural studies. Inside.

The author Li Zehou thinks this way: "Most historical works have ossified very lively literary and artistic creations into rigid things. Many literary and artistic history have fragmented literary and artistic creations. I think whether it is art, literature or aesthetics, It is inseparable from human destiny and history. "Therefore, it is just a journey of beauty.


To be honest, this book is a bit obscure and difficult to read at first, and it is difficult to walk in. After turning a few pages, closing the book, it seemed that I hadn't read anything, and it seemed to have been touched fiercely deep in my heart. An unprecedented picture appeared in my mind, seemingly cluttered and clear. So he continued to open the book, and as the text changed from line to line, a scroll of paintings jumped in front of the eyes blurredly: Long Fei Feng Wu from the ancient times, the savory beauty of the Bronze Age, the rational spirit of the pre-Qin period, the romanticism of the Chu and Han dynasties, Wei Jin Humanistic style, the tragic world of the Buddha, the eye-catching splendor of the Tang Dynasty, the charm of the Mid-Tang Dynasty, the artistic landscape of the Song and Yuan dynasties, and the artistic ocean of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Mr. Li Zehou did not use the traditional history book-like tradition to introduce, it is from pottery, bronze to iron, from poetry, songs to literature, from sculpture, painting to architecture, Mr. Li Zehou puts beauty and literature, beauty and history, beauty and Philosophy has always been united, so that the beauty of art is inferior to the appreciation of the content of life, and the taste of elegance gives way to worldly truth. As written in the book, "The unity of beauty as sensibility and reason, form and content, truth and goodness, conformity with regularity and purpose, is just like human nature, a great achievement of human history."

In the course of beauty, no matter how the times change, all these beautiful works will always show the most real life at that time. Each of these past, existing, and coming, every kind of beauty, will settle in the long river of history and become a course of beauty.

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