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800 words after reading "Self-esteem"

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800 words after reading Self-esteem:

Has always been sensitive to topics such as self-esteem and inferiority. I heard "Proper Self-esteem" from Teacher Fan Deng before, and the sentence in it said, "Cultivate children's independent and complete self-esteem system." At that time, I felt like a big evil.

Today, I listened to the book "Self-esteem", and taught us how to see the negative impact of the low self-esteem inside ourselves, how to discover it, understand it, accept it, and forgive it. This is a self-help book with tools and methods to teach you.

The book says that if you do n’t realize your self-worth and feel your self-esteem, life will be miserable. Some people in life often complain about such bad behaviors as anger, self-bluffing, sexual intercourse, alcohol anesthesia, drugs, etc. It is a self-protection behavior. It turns out that these are all manifestations of low self-esteem. It is because self-esteem is not established and self-esteem is not high enough.

So how did low self-esteem come about? The book says that this comes from morbid criticism, and it comes from us. For example, relatives and friends around him have long criticized and accused themselves. Many parents criticize their children for lack of principles and methods. If you want to criticize, you criticize them. Weak children do not have self-judgment and cognitive ability. Over time, children's low self-esteem is cultivated by parents.

A person has lived in an environment of being denied and accused for a long time. He has become accustomed to these criticisms and accusations, and even feels that these are normal. So self-denial, inferiority, and self-confidence will accompany them throughout their lives. Such people are very pathetic, just like there is no light in their lives.


So how to discover and correct these unhealthy consciousnesses and behaviors from the bottom of the heart? This is like a process of self-healing. You must first find the root cause, start from your own heart, find the one who has always bothered me, and find the villain who keeps criticizing me.

Once you find it, try to understand how it fits into it, accept all the causes and effects, and embrace it to forgive it. So this is a process of understanding, accepting, and forgiving, which is very peaceful, without judgment and accusation. The training methods are daily affirmation, small sticker tips, and active integration (actively integrate and practice the advantages).

Some people will adopt, understand, criticize, and correct this process. The author does not recommend this method, because it is too depressing itself, and compulsively corrects all of this process, this process will be very painful. After reading, what qualities does a person with high self-esteem possess? Sunshine, refinement, positive energy, continuous self-growth, linking one's own values with the values of society, always feel the link between themselves and this society, so as to obtain a sense of happiness and value.

Finally, I realized for myself that it seems that I have both a little high self-esteem and a low self-esteem. At least I have always been eager to grow up with a group of excellent people. Unfortunately, my judgment is very serious, and I often can't control my emotions. This may be the villain in my heart is making trouble, so I have to find it, understand it, accept it, and forgive it. Then I can find my true self.

This month, I happened to apply for the science teacher's course "Live a Unique Oneself", and the class began on July 1. I hope I can gain something from this study.

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