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600 Words in Composition after Reading Fine Arts Education and Human Development

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"Art Education and Human Development" After Reading 600 Words:

Children have the ability to print the colorful graphics of the real world in their hearts, and their drawing activities often rely on this solid memory. Children's intuitive memory of graphics is better than the objective phenomena described by concepts and knowledge. —— "Art Education and Human Development"

Children's visual memory in perception is particularly important for painting creation. They can keep their own observations of real life in their hearts. Compared with using language description and theoretical methods with students, students can use the memory extraction during painting creation. The effect of creating is better.

Case 1: In the sixth semester lesson "Journey to the Land of China" during the first semester, there was no PPT in that class due to a projector failure during the first class. It mainly depended on the language description and the picture content of the textbook with the students Introduce the beautiful natural landscape and colorful humanistic landscape of our motherland. In the process of student creation, most students draw pictures according to the textbook examples. The contents of the paintings are similar and the results are not ideal. Then I went to class 2 and used the projection normally. During the introduction phase, I used PPT to show a lot of the beauty of our country. The strong visual impact deepened their visual memory. In the newly awarded session, I also showed the Divine Land from a different perspective. The beautiful scenery of the earth. At the end of the work display period, the students' creation is rich and diverse, and the effect is obviously stronger than that of class 1.


Case 2: Spring practice activities last semester. Before the performance, I clearly arranged the observation tasks for the third grade students, and let them carefully observe one of your favorite scenes in the practice activities. After returning, we will paint creation. I was pleasantly surprised by observing the works of students who created after the event. Most students can draw a complete event scene, including the dynamic expressions of the characters in the scene, practical tools, types of trees in the scene, small stones on the road and other details they can capture. Therefore, the pictures of the students' works are very rich and interesting.

If in daily teaching, we encourage students to observe life and accumulate living materials. According to the degree of students, choose art works that are suitable for them to appreciate for them to appreciate, and let them accumulate rich graphical information. This is not only conducive to development. Children's intelligence is also conducive to the development of their creative thinking. For example, prior to the classroom, more observation tasks are arranged, and the observation tasks are divided into detailed rules; students are led to observe the school environment and combine their fantasy with sketch creation.

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