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600 words after reading "Red Stars Shining in China"

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600 words after reading "Red Stars Shining in China":

The Red Army is an invincible, indestructible, brave and stubborn people's army. The Long March is undoubtedly the best proof. The leaders of the Red Army used to say, "Comrades, rush with me!" Instead of "Comrades, rush forward." That is because the Eighth Route Army implemented the "equal officers and soldiers" system. Five oceans.

The New Fourth Army is a legendary red team. Xiang Ying led their hard and tenacious fight against enemies with dozens of times the strength and lost contact with the Party Central Committee. Until the Xi'an Incident happened, the National Army declared countless times that they had completely An army was annihilated, but they were resurrected like countless leaders, and they had huge revolutionary forces.

If you ask "What is the relationship between the Red Army and the people?" I think Comrade Peng Dehuai's "We are fish, the people are water, and we are like a fish among the people" must be the best answer.

The book states that Comrade Mao Zedong worked thirteen or fourteen hours a day, but his body was still very healthy, full of vitality at all times, and his body seemed to be hard-hitting. Of course, this wasn't born by nature. He worked in the field since he was a child. He organized a group with friends during his normal education. They often deliberately hungry their belly, trekking in the mountains of South China, swimming in the winter, and in the dark at night. In the violent storm and rain, he ran through Yuelu Mountain with his back bare, and said that he wanted to experience the feeling of being "contained in Dalu, the tempest and the rainy Buddha" ...


Comrade Mao Zedong has read "The Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", and "Journey to the West" from an early age. He dropped out of school at the age of 18 and drafted a self-study plan for himself-reading at the library and going to the library every time he opened the door. , Came out when the door was closed. During that time he worked hard to study world geography and world history.

Comrade Mao Zedong's character is simple and innocent, with a sense of humor. He is a very interesting and complicated person. Nanjing offered a reward of 200,000 for his head, but he often chatted with farmers on the street, with at most one guard around him. He often said, "Be the people's gentleman and be the people's student first." He is fearless and approachable, inspiring generations of young people.

Throughout Snow's first perspective, he collects first-hand information and talks with revolutionaries, and uses the power of words to present this magnificent and passionate period to us. It is through his writing that we have a deeper understanding of the atrocities of the Kuomintang government, and have made us more awed by the revolutionary pioneers who are determined to save the people from fire and water and to avoid the scourge of our country.

The Red Army soldiers are shining red stars on the Chinese land. Now the five-star red flag has been flying across the lakes and lakes. I am proud that I am a Chinese! The blood of the revolutionary ancestors has stained our patriotic hearts, and the spirit of the Red Army lives in our hearts forever !! Author: Peng magnesium Key

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