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Little Hero Rain Comes to Read After Composition 600 Words

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"Little Hero Rain Comes" 600 words after reading: This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In memory of history, I have read many red books. Among them, I am most impressed with "Little Hero Rain Comes."

The book "Little Hero Rain Comes" tells the story of Yu Lai fighting with Japanese devils in the Anti-Japanese War. Yulai is a 12-year-old boy. He is smart, cute, loves to learn, and has good water solubility. He is very good at swimming. He and his friends had a carefree childhood, but one day the Japanese devils suddenly came in, breaking the tranquility in the village, and Yulai joined the anti-Japanese team without hesitation. Yulai wanted to join the guerrillas and fight Japanese devils with the guerrillas, but she was too young to be approved. Therefore, we can only use our own methods to support the anti-Japanese action.

Once, a flat-nose officer seduced him with sugar and asked him about the whereabouts of Uncle Li, and he didn't hesitate at all. The flat-nosed officer suddenly became so angry that he gave the rain a severe meal. Rain came to Venus, blood bleeds in his nose, and the blood fell on the line in the textbook: "We are Chinese Love his motherland. "Then Yulai gritted his teeth and still said firmly," I don't know! "Facing the threats and enemies of the enemy, he neither feared nor moved. This quality is worth our learning.

Another time, Yu Lai was caught by the guard unfortunately. But he was not scared at all, calm and calm, rather than die. The captain of the security guard asked Yulai in a prolonged tone: "Where's your gun?" Yulai gritted his teeth and said, "I'll have a gun to kill you already!"


The captain heard this, as if someone slapped him on the back of his head from the back, stared, opened his mouth, sitting angrily in a chair speechless. The guards standing in the room and outside coaxed: "How hard is the little rabbit's mouth, isn't he afraid of death?" Under the torture of the guard captain, he would rather die, and bit the hand of the captain. Finally, with her ingenuity and the help of Li Sixi, Yu Lai successfully escaped the police.

Of course, what impressed me most was when the rain came to night school. There were oil lamps in the dark room, and classmates surrounded the teacher. Yulai carefully opened the textbook wrapped in red cloth, followed by the teacher's soft recitation: "We are Chinese, we love our motherland." His serious attitude is really admirable. I think now we are sitting in a spacious and bright classroom, with modern teaching equipment and the care of teachers. How happy our life is compared to Yulai!

Therefore, we must cherish the present life, because it is exchanged for life and blood by countless martyrs. This brave and tenacious quality of Yulai deserves our study. We must study hard, not afraid of difficulties, brave to face challenges, and be a good child who loves learning. Author: Huang Xuan goods

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