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Muslim funeral after reading composition 600 words

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After reading Muslim Funeral: 600 words:

In the sky, the crescent moon is hazy; on the ground, the sound of the piano is faint. Between heaven and earth, the sound of this piano reverberates for a long time, like a clear spring, a whisper, a spring silkworm, and a lone goose hovering.

Xianyun slightly swayes the moon and sinks in the sea: the moon is cold, and the jade jade.

A Muslim family, the rise and fall of sixty years, the fate of three generations. The death of the jade family Liang Yiqing was tragic; the lover Han Ziqi finally endured the burden of humiliation and finally regained glory after fighting with his heart; Liang Junyi, a savvy life, was finally defeated in the cool world, and the vibrant Chu Yanchao finally appeared all in one ... In the forest of life, a bright moon rose suddenly: she rose gently and gradually heavy; she left quietly, but left a thick ink. She is Lin Daiyu, walking forward in the turmoil of history and giving people hope. She is Zhu Yingtai, who fell on the stage about to dawn and became a shocking guest.

Han Xinyue, like a baby deer, made a strong youth and warmth, hoping to emerge spontaneously.

When does the blue sky come: Yueming, Jade King.

Like a lively stream, she treated her trauma in Han Ziqi's heart for many years with her light and quiet soul. However, as Liang Junxuan rejected the wave of Chu Yanchao, she was destined not to walk on earth. With her self-confidence and down-to-earth efforts, she successfully entered Peking University; because of her innocence and enthusiasm, she also knew and appreciated her Chu Yanchao. As the moon hangs high in the sky, it breaks into a Maping River suddenly, a piece of flawless jade is shattered, and the sky is dim.


The death of the new moon is not only due to illness and sorrow, but also not only the weeping blood of the sky, but also the sorrow of an era, the sorrow of extreme religious thought. She was destined to be a tragedy, but the beauty left was enough to purify people's hearts. Compared with Liang Junxuan, she is not turbulent, but she is a symbol of bright and beautiful; compared with Han Ziqi, she is not sad, but the sincerity and vitality flowing on her body make people yearn for. Huoda writes for the new moon, for Qizhenzhai, and for the heart. Han Xinyue, like a fairy, overwhelmed everything and calmed it down in a few hours.

There is also a lack of shade in the moon: the moon is falling, Yubei.

Han Ziqi, her aunt, and the new moon went away one after another. Qizhenzhai's forty years of wind and rain turned into the water of Pinghu Lake. Liang Bingyu returned, but it was not the new moon that greeted her, but the fourth generation of green. Bai Yufang has become a memory, she is holding new rising hope in her hands. The crescent moon is dimly living in people's hearts, such as the sound of the sky, the color in the phase, the shadow in the water, the flower in the mirror, she is the symbol of all good things. Everyone has a Qizhenzhai, but it will eventually collapse. This is a tragedy; but the crescent moon in my heart is the greater tragedy.

Yueqing, Yuyuan.

Southwestern sky, crescent moon appeared, Xu Xu, faint, vague, looming ...... Author: Bi Zifan

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