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"Exercising Children's Language Ability" After Reading Composition 600 Words

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"Exercising Children's Language Ability" 700 words after reading:

I have read this "Exercising Children's Language Expressing Ability" several times, and I also have deep experience. Today's children have nothing to worry about. Every child is a treasure in the heart of his parents. Some of them are full of obedience to their children, which makes them develop a lot of bad habits. Parents take care of everything and make children lose their ability to do things. It also hinders children's language ability.

The family atmosphere is different, and each child is affected differently. Some are lonely, introverted, and more inferior. They talk upside down, have no logic, and cannot express their ideas well. Some children are obsessed with electronic devices and have not developed the habit of reading, listening and speaking, and are unwilling to express themselves. Over time, they have been more ashamed to express themselves in the public, and they do not even want to speak. Language is an important means of person-to-person communication. It is very important for children's interpersonal communication skills. It is also an important quality factor for them to enter society.

If you want to exercise your child's language skills, you must do the following: First, let the child introduce his favorite book or cartoon, let the child talk about the important ideas of the characters in the book or cartoon, and tell the child to exercise. Language also gives children an interest in reading.

Secondly, cultivate children's logical thinking. Some children speak without logic, and the language is incoherent. Therefore, they must cultivate their causal logic concepts.


It is also necessary to encourage children when their expression skills are not strong. Some children have low self-esteem. They always feel that they are not as good as others. Maybe sometimes they say things that make parents very shameless. Fight their sense of inferiority, tell them that their ability can be improved, and give them support and encouragement. There are also more opportunities for children to participate in social activities, more competitions, and provide them with a platform to give them the opportunity to express their eloquence.

Children are the flowers of the motherland. Every child has unexpected abilities. Don't set permissions for the children. Encourage the children to communicate and discuss with others, and be brave to express their ideas. Language is a science. Everyone expresses the same thing differently, and the result may be unexpected. This is the charm of language, giving children more opportunities to exercise their language skills. Author: Yan Hongli

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