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"Crazy Sheep Blood Dinger" 600 essays after reading

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"Crazy Sheep Blood Dinger" 600 words after reading:

"Just after the lamb is born, if needed, the ewe can run as fast as usual ... In the long evolutionary process, the argali has reduced the weakness of the childbirth to a minimum in order to overcome the crisis of survival ... Once a sheep is born, ten minutes later, it can jump freely. Once encountering a dangerous situation, it can run away on the cliff with the female argali. This is called juvenile shortening in zoology. "

Nature is the harshest classroom, full of blood and rain. Time and efficiency are life for the animals at the bottom of the food chain.

I have only read two chapters of the book "Mad Sheep Blood Dinger", which gives me a deep feeling of the value and meaning of time, and I feel a little heavy. In particular, I read that the Argali monkey show, which just gave birth to Xingdinger, was trying to help the lamb to win that precious few minutes, and was not afraid to dance with the wolf. Eventually, he caught the net and the sheep entered the wolf's mouth.

If the wolf comes a few minutes late, the lamb will be able to stand up and run, and the mother argali will not have to come back and fight desperately with the wolf. In just a few minutes, it is the life of a sheep. The mother argali uses her life to gain precious time for the child, and also gives her the last time to the child. This time is life!

I often heard that "time is life" and "time is money", but I didn't feel much about it before. For us urchins, time seems to be a lot. Today is over and tomorrow is over, tomorrow is over and there is day after tomorrow, is n’t it? And when I read that the mother argali was bitten by a wolf and the small argali escaped, I realized that in just a few minutes, it was decided that there would be a sheep without tomorrow. If it wasn't for the mother argali who fought each other's lives, the day the lamb was born would also be the day it died, and its life journey might only be a few minutes.


For any living thing, time is limited. Sometimes you can have more time just because someone gave you his precious time or even life. This is cruel and realistic.

I can't help but think of the essay "Hurries" written by writer Zhu Ziqing. Time is so precious, but they come and go in a hurry, never staying. No wonder the author "can't help but burst into tears."

Human life is only a hundred years old, and we are all ten years old without knowing it. If we did not know what time was in the previous ten years, then in the later days, we should know that time is integrated with our life, and time is life.

Time is life. This is the profound truth that Xuedinger ’s mother, the monkey play, told us with blood and tears! Author: Zhou Zailing

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