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600 Words in Comprehension of Biography

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600 Words in Biography:

Q: "How about knowledge?"

The gentleman said: "In order to learn, you must have the original principles, you must work hard from the original principles, and gradually 'advancing into the surplus'." The fairy said that babies are also good. Fang can cry, and then can laugh, and then recognize his parents and brothers, and then can stand, do, hold, and bear, and death is the impossible of the world. Then the strength is stronger, the cleverer day is open, not the day of birth, it is necessary to search for it. Therefore, there must be a basis. The saint goes to 'the heavens and the earth, and educates all things', and only from the 'moment, sorrow, and unhappy' Raise it. The post-Confucianism is unknown, and seeing that the sage knows everything and can't help it, he wants to do it at the beginning. How can this be true! "

He also said: "Aim to work hard, like planting a tree. Fang Qi's roots and buds are still dry; they are dry and have no branches; branches and leaves; leaves and then flowers. When the roots are first planted, they should be cultivated and irrigated. Think, do n’t think about leaves, do n’t think about flowers, do n’t think about reality. Why do you think about it? But do n’t forget the cultivation skills, afraid that there are no branches and leaves?

I often ask myself this question when I haven't grown up for a period of time. I used to answer "I still don't want to". I think my answer seems to have some truth, and Wang Yangming's answer is more accurate, that is, you can't find the source of learning.


When we see a big tree, it is definitely not when it is a small tree. Just like we look at ourselves now, you won't think of today when you were a few years old. I understand that the power of growth changes us a little bit. "For learning" also has a power, Wang Yangming said that this power is the cultivation of the mind. I reflect on myself, do I cultivate my mind for the purpose of learning? At present, the source is this, but sometimes I forget it. Although I am reminding myself at all times, I often do things one by one. Just because the heart of learning is not real.

If you are anxious about learning, you have no intention to think of anything else, you can only focus on learning. Wang Yangming once said "Master One", the method is to respect. If you do n’t have a sense of awe for learning and do not focus on things, there will be three days of fishing and two days of drying the net, and then you will regret it, repent and refine for two days, and return to laziness. Just go back and forth like this. I always do this before, when I realized that I was lazy, I determined, and forgot about it within a few days. When I remembered, I determined again, that is, the ancients said "Ignorant is always determined", and I still do n’t know what I want. Work hard, control your emotions, and move forward.

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