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"Doll's House" After Reading Composition 800 words

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"Doll's House" 800 words after reading:

1. Script

This is the first time I watched the script after I left the textbook. The initial choice was nothing more than this basic word, which can be finished in a short time. Ashamed, I haven't seen drama. (My little friend will bring me this drama idiot to the show), so the evaluation is a bit far-fetched.

However, for Xiaobai's first time to get the script of "Doll's House", there are not many problems. The story is more attractive, and the idea of giving up because of obscure or too many characters will not appear. The final turning point of the story didn't feel enough for me. Suddenly, the fire of Nora's wisdom burned, and suddenly she was about to leave. It felt a little too sudden. This is for me who usually read novels. That said, there should be at least three to four chapter changes, but it may be the characteristics of the drama. This sudden change requires the actors to pave the way. I will go to see Bilibili on free this week. The drama is trying to figure out.

2. Women's Awakening

If Ibsen is placed in the contemporary era, he should fight against the rise of women in this drama. The two female characters in the drama, one knows what they want, is willing to pay for it and bear the consequences, one Sweet in the confusion, then clear from the sweet.

The story of the script revolves around the heroine Nora. She is a cute and enthusiastic simple woman in the opening and middle parts of the story, but the story also has foreshadowing. For example, Nora and Christina said in the discussion that she was not living in Pleasant in a honeypot.

In the script, Nora's husband rises high, which attracts humanity, and Nora borrows money to become the lead of the whole story, eventually igniting the core problems in the small family.


3. Thousands of miles of dyke, destroyed in the anthill

Nora's final decision was not a sudden thunder. The husband ’s attitude suddenly changed to wake up Nora ’s last humming. Nora re-examined her eight-year marriage and found that she was still in the same state as her parents ’home. She smiled and performed every action to meet all the expectations of her family. .

That state is like the prelude to a romantic story, the sun is faint, beautiful and happy, but if it is like this for a lifetime, it is either happy or unfortunate. In the script, Nora created herself a chance to wake up because she borrowed money. She was sober from romance and found that beauty was useless.

She desperately wanted to be independent and wanted her own air. However, from the standpoint and position, she had to continue performing, and finally the letter unlocked the perfect marriage and all the romantic lies, the man who shouted that I would save you from fire and water, in water and fire The future changed, and Nora's footholds on the return of marriage were broken.


At first I thought that all the characters in the doll's house were dolls, but after reading the playbook, I found that Nara was a doll on the surface, and in fact all the characters in the scene were also dolls.

What is the so-called self-awakening? Is standing on the opposite side of morality and going hand in hand with rumors is the awakening of self? The script is a dramatic creation of a self-awakening Christina, but the real awakening and self-awareness are far more elusive than the script's few pens.

This may be the egg buried in the script by the author, who is the doll in the entire "Doll House".

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