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"Death Notice" 300-word composition after reading

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"Death Notice" after reading 300 words:

The "Death Notice" book used to kill time is very worth a six. The logic of the story is far-fetched, but it is still complete. The story tells that eighteen years ago, an explosion caused two deaths and one injury, and the director of public security was killed. The killer left a death notice calling himself Eumenides for the Skywalk.

Eighteen years later, the murderer committed the crime again and issued a death notice to start a showdown with the police. The first duel was in the square. The police were protecting the target like an iron bucket. The killer used others to distract the police and killed himself by disguising himself as a police officer. The second time, the killer used his own knowledge of the case leader Han Han to prove the crime. Let it kill the target; the third time at the airport, the guards were secretly airtight, but the murderer still used the police Han Yu to make him mistakenly believe that the killer was a bodyguard. In fact, the bodyguard was a protection target disguised by himself. Police Han灏 In order to cover up the evidence, he accidentally killed the target. Afterwards, the killer left his back and walked away. Overall, the story is complete and can be seen, but without surprise.


First of all, in terms of characters, the ten-year-old Interpol has such poor determination, and his expression is painful and crumbled? There is also the murderer's purpose. In order to punish the bad guys outside the law and endure inhuman torture for this purpose, this is obviously unreasonable. We must know that any crime has its psychological support behind it, and it will not be for just one purpose. Secondly, in the plot, the police's method of investigating the case is too simple. The police in the story are like a lamb with a circle. The basic investigative methods, such as related people, are not screened, and there is no organization of the clues of the characters. .

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