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"Secret in the Valley" 400 essays after reading

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"Secret in the Valley" after reading 400 words:

This summer vacation, I read a lot of books such as "The Secret in the Valley", "Summer of the Crocodile", "No Head and Unhappy", "First Grade Big Man, Second Grade Little Man", etc., which impressed me most Deep is "The Secret in the Valley".

In that year, a small village was facing hunger. There were no food in the hundred households in the whole village. The rice buckets and rice bowls were all empty. Everything was getting thinner. People were thin, pigs were thin, dogs were thin, even birds. All are thin. The whole mountain village was desolate and unbearable. They are so pathetic!


There was a little boy named Tree Fish, who was hungry and panic, so he went to the mountain to find food. He inadvertently found a persimmon tree. His idea of swallowing the persimmon was shaken. He didn't want to eat one of them, and shared it with his friends. Later, when they discussed how to handle persimmons, Qiu Shier said that she should keep it first, and wait until every household had nothing to eat, and then said that she was hungry, and sat down under the persimmon tree for a while. That persimmon tree is no longer just food, it is the flame of hope in the hearts of children. Thinking of our usual happy life, there is no shortage of food and drink, but also picky eaters do not know to cherish food. But the characters in the text are reluctant to eat even a persimmon.

This book tells us to cherish food and not to waste it. "Who knows that Chinese dishes are hard work?" The feeling of starvation is very uncomfortable. We also have to learn to share with others. After sharing, we will gain more important and richer things! Author: Luo Yi

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