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"Fantastic future" 600-word composition after reading

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After reading the "Bright Future" 600 words:

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a very good novel. This is not touting. Other authors and professional writers are already very famous. Let's analyze it:

(1) The entire novel has been inserted into the background of the entire era. For example, the hidden rules, spending money to leave fans to go to the theater to faint and scream, the coal bosses, senior officials, and tens of millions of tablets, small fresh meat, and celebrity drug abuse. The anti-corruption wind makes you read without any sense of disobedience, and it is unexpected and reasonable. Combined with the background of the entire era, wow, their fate is like this, unintentionally, naturally.

(2) A good novel must have something to do with human nature, worldliness, and reality, and this article is no exception. The gluttonous idiot is manifested in several characters, especially the heroine Ziyi. This idiotic character also buried his life.

(3) Everyone has a dream. Yuan Ziyi is a big star dream. To be as big and big as Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Liu Tao, Sun Yan and others, she could have become a second and third tier little star. It's red and purple. But how many people can become Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li? As the author says, work hard with life and luck.

After reading the entire novel, Yuan Ziyi's fate is certainly regrettable, but everything is doomed.

Destiny did not arrange a family for her. She could only do her own work. Destiny did not arrange a noble person for her. Zhang Ziyi Gong Li was to Zhang Yimou, but she arranged a classmate for her. When she was sweating at a thousand yuan, she received hundreds of thousands of advertisements. When she was the granddaughter and a senior official, she chased her dream of an illusive star, and she was already on the way to receive the award.


People have to die better than others, she is gone, only 30 years old. Once she approached her dream infinitely, but she was insane and mischievous.

Tell me a little insight :

(1) You have to be hard before hitting the iron. No matter what you do, set yourself up first. Don't pass it.

(2) Nobles, they are destined to be there, although they are good, if you do n’t, do your own thing and cultivate yourself.

(3) If you haven't realized your dreams, you don't have to go to extremes. There is more than nothing. Fate is unclear. Efforts are important, but you have to have life and luck.

Okay, I ’ll share the insights about Mr. Tao Chun ’s novel “The Future is Like a Golden Book”. Thank you for reading. What I have shared is just some of my personal opinions. If you are interested, please read this novel. Author: Li Zaixiao

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