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"Life in the Sea" After Reading Composition 600 Words

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"Life in the Sea" 600 words after reading:

"Sea of Life" is a new work published by the famous contemporary novelist Mai Jia in 2019. The Mai family has written novels such as "Decrypt", "Unscramble" and "Wind Sound". Among them, "Unspoken" won the seventh Mao Dun Literature Award. "Decrypt" has been translated into 33 languages, and it is the world's largest collection of Chinese works in the World Library. The Mai family's novels have bizarre imagination and originality. The characters are dark and mysterious, the stories are twists and turns, full of suspense, and they are often changed into film and television works. The TV series "Secret Calculation" written by him and the film "Wind Sound" adapted from his novels are of great significance to the development of spy war type dramas.

This book "Sea of Life" by Mai Family tells a legendary and lifelike story. An original colonel with infinite sights has won countless battles in his life, but finally lost to an insignificant secret. The author has deep skill, the plot develops smoothly, and the uncomplicated story always has suspense. One cannot help but wonder, what kind of secret does the colonel hide? The whole story revolves around this "secret". From the perspective of "I", it tells the life of the protagonist Colonel's floating life, and also the half-life of "I" growing from a teenager to middle age. Very readable. The whole book is not shocking, but it can shake people's hearts in a silent place. The bizarre story contains a sigh of life, both the cruelty of daily breeding and the kindness of time.


Life Haihai is a Minnan language, which means that life is complex and changeable, and it has more than just this meaning. It means as broad as the sea, but generally it means to teach people to live well. "Life and sea, we meet like two grains of sand on the beach." Fortunately, Aunt Lin finally found the mad Colonel. For the rest of her life, Aunt Lin was both love and redemption. Life is full of misery. The deep affection and kindness hidden in the truth and reality are moving. After reading the paragraph when the colonel left, tears could not stop falling, it was really a person shining with gold ...

The Mai family said: "There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, after seeing the essence of life, we still love life. Life is never perfect, and imperfection is life."

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