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"Penguin Highway" After Reading Composition 600 Words

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600 words after reading Penguin Highway:

Last week's Shanghai Book Fair, I was fortunate enough to meet with Mr. Mori Tomihiko himself, bought the last book "Penguin Highway" on the day of the book fair, and came back to read it intermittently after less than a week. The generalization is too precise.

"Rational sorrow, restrained fun, atypical sentimental fantasy."

Speaking of Teacher Mori Tomihiko, I don't know what you think of first. Kamogawa, Beijing University, and Otome with black hair are all missing in Penguin Highway, making me even wonder if I got the wrong book. There is no noise like "The Spring Festival is short and short", nor is there the fantasy of "The Family with the Sky," but a different kind of fun. In the past, Mr. Mori's novels were full of the noise of drama, but also full of strange characters. Li Bai, the underpants of the panties, and especially the female characters, were all full of personality. The heroes dragged the story to advance the story.

If the protagonist of Mr. Mori's past works was passively involved in various interesting events, the protagonist of the "Penguin Highway" is actively involved in the investigation of the penguin incident. Aoyama Jun, a fourth-grade elementary student, is a son of science. He likes to think rationally and emotionally. There are two obvious intentions for the author Qingshan Jun, one is deciduous teeth and the other is coffee. Both of these are symbols of growth. The fall of deciduous teeth represents adulthood, as does drinking coffee without sugar.


The transformation from rational to emotional is a symbol of Aoyama's growth. The whole novel is composed of Aoyama's first person, or Aoyama's notes. Compared with the first point of view of the "Tennis Family", the Tanuki is involved in the crisis of being made into a hot pot at every turn. Even with strange events such as penguins and "sea", Qingshan Jun is full of rational reasoning. This work has become "restrained" fun. From the beginning, I didn't see Suzuki's feelings for Hamamoto at all, and at the end I could say something like Big Sister, Aoyama experienced the transformation from an adult to an adult. It wasn't the chest that I liked, but the older sister.

After reading "Penguin Highway", you will find that this is another sad ending. It is not as sad as the work of Teacher Mori. Contacting Uchida's thoughts on death and the elder sister's final disappearance, we do not know where the elder sister finally went, only that the elder sister disappeared at the end of the world. However, Qingshan Jun never reached the end of the world. Is this the price of growth? As he grows up, he loses his illusions, which may be expressed by Mr. Morimi in this work.

Aoyama Jun wants to report to her elder sister about her growth, and as he grows up, he will never see the elder sister at the end of the world. Perhaps the adult's world is so unreasonable.

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