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"Flower School" After Reading Composition 100 words 200 words

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"Flower School" After Reading 100 Words

This text is really interesting! Think carefully about how wonderful life would be if there was a flower school in reality. When you go out every day, if you are lucky, you can still see them! It's a pity that there is no school for flowers in reality, if there is one, I must go and see! Such an interesting scene, if I can really see it, I'm really lucky!

Flower school, is a kind of school it ...... Author: Lin Jie


"School of Flowers" after reading 200 words

After reading "The School of Flowers", the full name of the book should be "The School of Flowers of Tagore's Fairy Tale". Tagore is an Indian poet and the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. In the book, the poet observes nature with a childlike heart, mainly describing nature and life, and praises the universe, children and motherhood. Author: Zhu Xiaojie

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