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"Ferryman" 500-word composition after reading

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"Ferryman" after reading 500 words:

"If destiny is a lonely river, who will be the ferryman of your soul?" When I closed the book "Ferryman", I couldn't help but think ...

"Ferryman" tells about the protagonist Dylan's decision to visit his father, whom he hasn't met for a long time. After she desperately climbed out of the wreckage of the train, she found in horror that she was the only survivor, and in front of her was a wasteland.

Just then she saw a boy on a hillside not far away. The boy took her away from the scene of the accident. However, Dylan quickly realized that the boy was not a passerby who happened to appear, and he seemed to be waiting here intentionally. Destiny, from the moment they met, had an unexpected change.


It's an epic moving story, it's scary and warm. When we face life, death and love, which one do you choose? This book takes us to fully understand the warmth of human nature-when you become a ferryman, will you rescue him when the evil spirit surrounds the soul you guide?

To say what touched me most about this book, was the beautiful love story of Dylan and Tristan, or the unwavering protection of Susanna and Jack? Neither, but when they were about to cross the wilderness, they made a thrilling decision and finally decided to break the boundary between life and death and come to the real world together. When they knew that the judge would come down, they also had the courage to try, and eventually moved the judge and stayed in the world. This may be the power of their love.

"Every engraved with the soul of love and goodwill, will become our life ferryman ......" Author: Guan Xin Rui

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