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800 Words of Composition after Reading-Responsibility for Life

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Responsibility for life-800 words after reading "Alive":

Touching is an irritating song, a sad poem, a colorful painting, a glass of bland water ... In life, it may be just a word that makes us cry, or it may just be a Encouraged eyes make us regain our confidence, or maybe just a paragraph of text is enough to shake the softest place in our heart.

My mother's sudden death has left me for a long time, and it seems that I live in my grief every day. I packed my bookcase that day and turned to a book I read a long time ago-"Alive." For a moment, I felt that I was immersed in the pain of losing my mother every day. I was extremely unwilling to the people around me and myself, and how could I deal with my dead mother. Think of the life of the owner Weng Fugui, the ups and downs, the vicissitudes of life, the separation of life and death ... Yeah, how happy it is to live!

In the book, Fugui tells the fate of himself and those around him in a tone that is almost stranger. In his early years, Fu Gui lost his life and lost his family. His wife departed and his father died. The young blessings lived because of greed for pleasure, step by step into the trap of life, could not extricate themselves, and ended up in a living place. The immediate blessings, the poor and contented family, the hard and happy life, when everything is getting better, forced into the Zhuangding, leaving the countryside, burning fire for months, and stealing security. At this time, Fugui was alive in order to return to his hometown. He fumbled in the dust and reborn in the smoke. Middle-aged blessing, white hair and black hair, the sorrow of the bereavement carried through the entire family. At this time, blessings must live to support the family. Being the only man is the hope of the family. The blessings of old age finally have a little bit of stable happiness, but they make a difference, bereavement, bereavement, bereavement, and bereavement. All those who have devoted their emotions have left him. Only the name is also An old cow named "Fugui" depends on it. His life was full of ups and downs, with good fortunes and good fortunes, and sadness and joy separated, until the last accompany was only the sick cow, also called Fugui.


"Why do people live?" This is an eternal topic, and it is also a topic with diverse opinions and no conclusion. Yu Hua said: "Living is the requirement of life itself, and the most basic purpose of living people, not to live. Alive. ”Living is such a natural process. It is a parting process of life and death, a parting turn and parting, and sometimes we need to console with memory, let out by talking, and rely on calmness. It is necessary to look back to realize. In the face of time and destiny, all we can do is live in the present. Life is just a coat. Some people do n’t wear bright brooches for it. Some people sew one rough patch after another. But whether it ’s gorgeous or sloppy, we all walk in the dust with our own coat. In the world, bearing everything from the outside world, feeling everything around, there is love and pain, there is bitterness and sweetness. And what we have to do is not give up or give up. We often complain, we are often depressed, we are often irritable, and we do not know that living is a kind of happiness.

Alive, simple two words, but full of a responsibility to life. From the moment we get life from competition, it is already a blessing. Only when we are alive can we experience the sweetness and bitterness of life, we can look back on yesterday and look forward to tomorrow, and we can feel the warmth of family, friendship and love. Like Fugui, when we are old, we can also quietly tell others about our past and our own life gains. Actually, living is a kind of happiness. We must always live a life of gratitude and create our own extraordinary in the ordinary life.

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