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Wolf King Dream After Reading Composition 500 Words

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"Wolf King Dream" after reading 500 words :

The book "The Wolf King Dream" has two stories, one is "The Wolf King Dream" and the other is "The Wolf Species". "Wolfkin" tells an interesting story about a police dog named Big Grey.

This story is written: a police dog was gray when it was born, it is called big gray, but no wolf or people can see it, because no wolf is gray in police dog training. Although he passed, the human race eliminated him and sold it to the circus at a very low price. It's not good at the circus either. Big Grey is always bullied by pugs, such as red nose, Jack, and blue eyes. There will always be blood on his body, but the administrator did not stop the pug's behavior. One day, after training, the pug came to bully Dahui again, and finally Dahui couldn't help but beat the pugs. At this time, the administrator Chuanyi saw and cut Dahui's nails indiscriminately. , With a hood, etc., and have deeper stereotypes about Big Grey, pampering the pug to fight Big Grey. Once, Chuan Ni went out to play with her big grey dog, bear, cotton sheep and pug.

On the long journey, the car broke down, and Chuanni let the pugs come out to play, let the little sheep eat grass, and let the big bears play, that is, Big Grey can't go out to play. At this time, a clouded leopard like a cat came, and both the pug and the big bear were uncertain. It was Dahui's turn to play. Dahui used his wisdom to let the clouded leopard remove his hood and defeated the clouded leopard with sharp teeth. Chuanyi realized that Dahui also had the ability of police dogs to protect law and order, and Dahui also needed care.

I don't approve of her behavior, because she is not fair. She should take care of the emotions of every police dog and treat everyone equally. Although Dahui is lonely, it still protects his owner. I think Dahui's selfless spirit is great and worthy of our admiration!


After reading Wolf King Dream about 500 words :

After reading the book "The Dream of Wolf King," countless thoughts came to my mind.

This book is about the female wolf Zi Lan wants to train her offspring to become the wolf king, but in the face of cruel reality, four little male wolves have died one after another, and finally pin their hopes on the wolf grandson. For the safety of the wolf grandson, the story of the female wolf Zilan and the golden eagle came to an end.

Every thrilling battle in this book and every exciting action gave me a new understanding of the wolf. Before, I always thought that wolves were cruel and fierce. However, the female wolf Zi Lan changed my view of the wolf and made me deeply realize that it turns out that the fierce wolf also has tender feelings and great motherly love. Zilan was a beautiful wave. For children, she became old and ugly. I used to think that it was foolish for Zilan to pay the price of Langsun's life. Now I understand that it is because of love and because of love that she can give her everything to protect and train her children.

Why can the weak little buds defeat the hard ground and emerge from the ground? Relying on a firm conviction; why is Plum Blossom so proud? Relying on the sturdy plum soul; why Xiaoqiang cannot die? Rely on the belief of dissatisfaction! In Zi Lan's heart, the belief was-dream. At first, I didn't think Zilan would defeat the Golden Eagle, but in the end, she did it, only for the wolf king dream in her heart.

People always take it for granted that animals are just animals and never have emotions. But in terms of emotion, animals show so strong emotions. In this regard, we humans are far worse than wolves.

I believe that as long as sand gathers into towers and sets armpits into furs, one day, this wolf king dream will come true.

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