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800 Words in "Real Happiness"

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800 words after reading "Real Happiness":

I've been busy in recent work. The book looks intermittent, but it also benefits a lot.

What attracts me at first glance is telling people how to construct positive emotions, and this is exactly what I need. I have always been pessimistic and negative, and I really want to make some changes. There are many tests in the book, but few of them are taken seriously, because I always feel that time is not enough, so I often skip the tests.

From the points learned in the book, it is necessary to summarize: 1. I am moderately pessimistic; 2. I have a tendency to depression; 3. Contentment can reduce the tendency of pessimism and depression to make people feel physically and mentally satisfied There is exercise, study, and earnestly doing one thing. Things that bring satisfaction can make it last for quite some time, but this process may not be pleasant; 4. Pleasure is easy, but it will cause mild depression. , Such as watching TV, playing games, parties, etc., these pleasures will disappear after finishing, can not exist for a long time; 5, if negative pessimism about a certain thing, you must self-refute, the order is: bad things- Idea-Consequence-Rebuttal-Inspire.

The above are some of the most impressive and most immediately usable points. For the past six months, I have always liked to watch TV series, and I can't rest my mind in reading books. It may be because the colorful and chaotic feelings on the screen are more intuitive.


I didn't think there was any mistake before. After reading this book, I know that it is the tendency of addiction caused by short-lived pleasure. Watching TV can bring me joy, and this joy almost requires no brains, but it disappears immediately after watching, in order to continue to get, so I keep watching TV. Now that you understand this truth, you will think that TV and games are a waste of time and physical and mental harm, but it does not mean that you do not touch at all, and you should stop at your disposal. And satisfaction is what I have been seeking. The reason why I feel empty and empty in my heart is because there is nothing to satisfy my heart. So you have to work hard to do something that creates satisfaction.

Continuous reading, purposeful learning, continuous and effective exercise, or studying a dish on the weekend, packing a room, organizing a closet, and learning to bake are all things that can create satisfaction. At present I am doing continuous and effective reading, reconnecting with the coach to start fitness classes, purposeful learning, and so on. I hope that my heart can slowly shine. Pessimistic and negative emotional changes also need time to practice and continuous refutation of yourself. The next thing to do is to complete the test of advantages in the book, understand where your advantages are, and consciously play.

Happiness is not air. It exists at any time. It is an approximate value. If you can use your strengths and virtues to become a person with a positive attitude, you can walk back to normal under the guidance of rationality even if you encounter something terrible track. Wisdom, courage, love, justice, temperance, and diligence are qualities that I should strive for for happiness.

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