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"High Sensitivity is a Talent" After Reading 1500 Words

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"High sensitivity is a talent" After reading 1500 words:

In chatting with my sister, I talked about the book "High Sensitivity is a Talent". Because I also feel that I am a highly sensitive person, someone with a curiosity burst into the search immediately, and felt that some issues were worth thinking about!

I read the general meaning: "Highly sensitive people are easily affected by others and the world, which can cause depression and confusion in highly sensitive people, and introduces how high sensitive people deal with their emotions."

If you are highly sensitive, you are unfortunate, because you will face many problems and perplexities, but as long as you face those problems and perplexities, you will also feel your own strength and cry in pain, and escape from endless pain. , Can you feel that detached happiness? Trust me, as long as you face them, you will have your own sacred and pure land. So high sensitivity is also lucky, because sacred and pure land are not created out of thin air.

How do you deal with depression when you are in depression? Quite simply, ask yourself!

Why am I feeling depressed?

Because of the assembly line to work? Yeah, it feels so empty and lonely. Please, the boss is spending money to ask for labor, please use both hands. You are coming alone. Think of the wilderness survival scenario. Survival is reasonable. There is nothing to complain about, all to live. Well, it's better to go home and farm than to go into the factory, right? But if you have ideals or dreams, and feel unhappy in the assembly line, then resign, do what you want to do, and do what you can happy.

Why do I feel depressed?

Because I'm afraid that others look down on and look at others, they all have girlfriends, cars, houses, wives, and money, alas. Then others deserve you, can you eat and drink? No. My family and I have enough to eat and drink. Does it need others to see it? No. I like to have a car, I need a house, and a wife is my love to my wife. Do I not need others to look down on me and pay others' eyes? No.

I ca n’t bear that my family does n’t wear well enough to eat and eat well, and I do n’t have the heart to perplex everyone in the pain of confused thinking. I may be helpful when I have the ability to help others, but not for others. I don't need others to look down on it. This is my self-recognition and self-responsibility. This is me, isn't it?


Why do I feel depressed?

I know myself and I can understand other people. Anyway, my dad always talked about getting married or something like that, and I was quite speechless.

Do people say that succession to succession, succession to succession, will make us think about it a hundred years later, right? Hundred years later, why do n’t you say that human beings exist billions of billions of years later, let me have a thought Yet. Do n’t want to talk, get married, and do n’t know where I ’ve seen the word “symbiosis”. Everyone ’s married, everyone ’s the same, exactly the same, you ’re the same as me, it ’s good, you do n’t have the same sense of identity and presence, nothing to say Is not it. Marriage I still look at emotions. Do I need a marriage that pursues a "symbiotic state"? Do I need a marriage that "increases"? Yes, no. up to you!

What makes me feel anxious?

Afraid to be killed by the boss if you did not do a good job? Well, it ’s a challenge, but it ’s also an opportunity. If I do n’t even have the opportunity to exercise at home, I can understand this job well and find that my deficiencies make me improve. If I do n’t understand, I will teach. Just learn from others. The boss is because I can do things to recruit me, because of my ability, not that I am Tsinghua Peking University, nor that I can drink and watch mobile phones.

Are you afraid that you can't find a job that is hard-working and willing to study? You may be afraid, but the boss won't kill a hard-working and hard-working person, isn't it?

When I think about it, my thoughts can't help but think about a question: How does high sensitivity come about?

The reason why people are people is because people have feelings, feelings and feelings are one of the foundations of people's formation, feeling self and the world and emotions. Can you imagine, if a person who has no feelings, people are willing to become vegetative? You certainly do not want to.

It feels as indispensable to humans as air and food, and humans cannot be created out of thin air. High sensitivity is not created out of thin air. High sensitivity is because people feel certain factors and activate their own psychological defense. Where does the psychological response reflect to the person's intelligence, but the person's intellectual defense does not give clear guidance, which makes the psychological defense collapse. Then, the whole person becomes emotional. What emotions such as depression, anxiety, and shame come, can people not be vulnerable? In this way, people without a perfect ideological system are more affected by the highly sensitive influence.

Yes, sensation is one of the fundamentals of high sensitivity. Without it, there is no high sensitivity. I feel that Ma Yun is also a highly sensitive person, but you can go and watch Ma Yun's video. In the face of problems and confusion, he said that it is the one who is clear in conditioning and clearly separates himself and society. Life values and understanding of society and methods of dealing with things are clear and organized. Ma Yun has a complete set of thought system. High sensitivity will produce depression and loneliness for him? I do n’t know.

Socrates is a Western philosopher. He also has his own ideological system. He wrote a lot of feelings about self and death in his book. For him, he was transcended in confusion, and after that, he entered a larger one. Confusion, in the process of constantly feeling self, can there be any happier than this? Will he be lonely and I don't know. But these people are less affected. It ’s okay to talk about celebrities and great people. They have their own ideology and have a perfect understanding of the world and themselves. This is one of the factors that they are not afraid of. You think about a person who is depressed for a while and think about why he is depressed. If he encounters a theoretical confusion, he can argue with the theory and try to solve the problem when he encounters a real problem. This person Are you afraid of high sensitivity?

Did these people's ideological system arise out of thin air? No, it was their argumentation and attempts. They often faced problems instead of complaining. Socrates often asked why? What is it? How? When he encountered the problem, he thought so. This was a difficulty and an opportunity. For example, the government did n’t know about the Internet government ’s censorship before. Now customers say that Taobao ’s fakes are like this: “We should let the government know what our Internet is doing. Liars are there every day, so are fakes, and customers are scolding Taobao is not a supplier, but Taobao has a responsibility. It is too easy for the online joint police to crack down on fakes! "This is their spirit. They face the problem bravely and face it. Actively exploring themselves and society is what they have in common.

Are you still depressed? Why are you anxious? You can face it directly. If you think about it, you are still depressed and anxious. If you are confused and feel you can leave a message and I can reply. That's all.

Diligence is irrelevant. Any help is greatly appreciated. A little confused, see you next chapter. Author: a little confused

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