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"Standing on Two Edges of the World" After Reading 600 Compositions

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700 words after reading "Standing on Two Edges of the World":

At this moment on the way to Xi'an, he read a large book in a rush.

The author Cheng Hao, born in 1993, did not go to school. He was given a critical illness notice right after his birth. People who can't live at the age of 5 have lived for 20 years. Many people say that he is very inspirational, but I think He was very decadent. He persisted in reading 100,000 words every day for more than ten years, but he read for commitment. That would be ineffective. It could absorb little and disrespect the author. But now There are many books on the market, and many of them are written for the sake of gathering chapters and for the market.

The reason why this book is called "Standing on the edge of two worlds" is because the author Cheng Hao and this world are closely connected and incompatible. Cheng Hao has never walked the road. He was born in a wheelchair when he was born. The memories are all related to the hospital. He is eager to play with his little friends, but his partners will not treat him as a friend, so he is lonely, so he will study seriously. The adults said that he was mature, very sensible, only He knows that this is being forced. All arrogant people are inferior people. In Cheng Hao's heart, he is an extremely inferior person.

But he is also a very bold person. He dare to point out the injustice of the world, speak for the disabled, the patient, and the doctor. In the streets abroad, you can see the disabled, but you can hardly see it in China. Is it because the Chinese are sound? There are nearly 100 million disabled people in China, but they can hardly be seen on the road because China's welfare and guarantees for disabled people are not complete and they dare not come out.


The current disability reimbursement system for people with disabilities is also imperfect. Many people with severe disabilities have to go in the past. Why can't government personnel visit them at home? Even many relatives of government people do not have any health conditions and can still have subsidies for people with disabilities.

Many hospitals directly pay for various CT scans without asking for symptoms. This has largely affected the treatment of many people. Therefore, I am willing to join him in calling for the country to improve the treatment of doctors and nurses, so that white angels are in the driving role At the same time, they can also protect their basic family.

In the end, I would like to extend my highest respect to Cheng Hao and his mother.

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