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450 words after reading "Summer of the Crocodile"

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"The Summer of Mrs. Crocodile" After reading 450 words:

These days, I have been reading "Summer of the Crocodile" with interest. The fairy tales in this book are all very interesting. The flowers, lions, and cats in the book seem to become living people, especially vivid.

When reading the fairy tale "Don't laugh at the cactus", I seemed to have walked into the garden myself, stood among the flowers, and heard the flowers gossiping about the cactus.

The beautifully-dressed Ji Lily said: "The newly moved neighbor's cactus looks ugly." Cuckoo said: "The thorns of the cactus look very uncomfortable." Rose also sighed. "This garden has always been The good reputation was ruined by the cactus. "I also seemed to see the sad and helpless expression of the cactus.

"The Summer of Mrs. Crocodile" 300 words after reading.jpg

Reading and reading, I could n’t help but want to say to Ji Lily, Azalea and Roses: "Although you look good, but you ca n’t stand it if it doesn't rain for a few days. You become bent and hunched, listless. Not beautiful enough and full of thorns, but it also has its advantages, its vitality is tenacious, and it can survive upright even without water for a long time. Each of us has his own strengths and weaknesses. So, we ca n’t just look at it . someone else's appearance on the mind, not like the others, but to learn to discover the strengths and advantages of others, friendly and learn to get along with everyone around him. "author: Zhongcheng Xu

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