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"Cao Cao Biography" 600 words after reading

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"Cao Cao Biography" 600 words after reading

Since I was young, I have seen four masterpieces, including Dream of the Red Mansion, Water Margin, Journey to the West, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Among them, what impressed me the most was neither Sun Wukong nor Song Jiang, nor Lin Daiyu, and It is Cao Cao, the prime minister of the Eastern Han Dynasty in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Whenever Cao Cao is mentioned, everyone will definitely think of "white-faced traitors" and "kill the emperor to order the princes". However, after I read The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I finally knew that this was an unfair evaluation of Cao Cao. In fact, Cao Cao was a very capable person. For example, after countless wars, the "White Bone Covered Plain" appeared in the Central Plains. In the tragic scene, the crops were severely damaged. Fortunately, Cao Cao used the "tunnel" policy to restore the development of the Central Plains.

In addition, Cao Cao broke the conditions for using self-employed people since the Eastern Han Dynasty. As long as he has the ability and expertise, he can be promoted no matter how poor or low his status. Therefore, many people who joined Cao Cao at the time formed a "military general like a cloud" The situation of "Mourners as Rain" has laid a good foundation for the world.

Cao Cao, in addition to using his own staff, is very strategic and understands the situation of the enemy. At that time, Yuan Shao had an army of 800,000 and was about to eliminate Cao Cao. However, Cao Cao had only 200,000 troops. Reunification, using this, defeated Shao with more, defeated Shao and settled the North.

"Cao Cao Biography" 600 words after reading

Not a hero, I do n’t understand the Three Kingdoms. If the hero is so impatient, then I am lonely. The word in Lin Junjie's "Cao Cao" just broke the secret and restored a real Cao Cao. You have great ambitions, but you are not so incomparable. In fact, you have your own loneliness.

When Cao Yong was young, he was young, but his talent was just beginning to emerge. You are brilliant and uninhibited, yjnnfood.com, unexpectedly met with the whisper of your uncle, so your father starts to alienate you and reject you. Cao Yong was unwilling, and when he frowned, he thought of it. If you hold your belly and fall ill, you will lie on the road that your uncle must pass. When Father Cao comes here, you have become energetic. Ever since. Cao did not listen to his uncle. The clever Cao Yuxiang has no hair yet, and he has mastered the essence of killing by sword. In fact, you are not deliberately trapping your uncle for injustice, but your uncle's aggressive first force you to hurt your poisonous hand.

At seventeen and eighteen, Cao Yong looks handsome, a talented person. It has appeared angularly in the officialdom, serving the blood of the Han room in a cavity. It's a pity that Dong Zhuo is chaotic. Your blood is so hot that you can only lie quietly in your heart. One day, Situ Wang Yunfeng discussed the thief with Baiguan in the name of He Shou. But Baiguan was just a promise, Xu Ruohan. Seeing this, suddenly one shouted: "The eldest husband does not kill the thief and report to the country, what is the purpose of discussing here?" The man's face was thin-skinned, and his voice was like a bell. If the assassination is unsuccessful, you will pretend to offer a knife, and your smart head will make you escape. Immediately he got on the horse and fled, passing by Bo She, Bo She was traveling, the five sons were all there, prepared the guests for the ceremony, smelled the sound of his eating utensils, and thought he was killing himself.

Ji Xun said, "I'd rather bear people than me!" The word "凄 怆" shows Cao Yong's mood at the same time. You kill people because you know that the world will not get rid of Dong Zhuo. In your mind, there is only the great cause of Xinghan. In order to continue to deal with Dong Zhuo and to keep yourself engaged in the great cause of Xinghan, Brother Bo She, you can only sacrifice it. Killing is a last resort!

But look at the world, who knows that your heart of ice is in the jade pot! Even Chen Gong, who you see as a confidant, also abandoned you because of his stubbornness in killing, and who read through your "loneliness"!

"The only way to relieve your sorrow is Du Kang." It is because you have too much "loneliness". Only then will you send a sigh of sorrow, and it is precisely because you have too much "loneliness" that you will develop a suspicious character, which will kill Qing Qing's life. To be a thief is to be treacherous, and to be an arrogant to be more treacherous! But your steadfastness was once misunderstood by posterity!

Cao Cao, sad!

"Cao Cao Biography" 600 words after reading

I read the book Cao Cao. By reading "Cao Cao", I have a new understanding of Cao Cao.

Whenever people mention Cao Cao, they will think of the white-faced adulterer on the stage, thinking of the phrase "sacrifice the emperor to order the princes", but I read the book "Cao Cao" and understand that this is not fair to Cao Cao Evaluation. In fact, Cao Cao was a very capable person. For example, after the baptism of war, the tragic phenomenon of "white bone-covered plains" appeared in the Central Plains, and agricultural production suffered severe damage. So Cao Cao adopted the Tuntian policy, and his Tuntian policy Divided into "Mintun" and "Military Tun", Mintun is to congregate the people and organize a group to open up wasteland and plant land, and the government has become the largest landowner. Tuntian farmers directly under the state may not serve in the army, and only 40% to 50% of the grain is handed over to the country at harvest. The army is planting land while defending, and all the harvested grain is handed over to the country. Because Cao Cao adopted the Tuntian policy, the agriculture in Central Plains was restored.

In addition, Cao Cao broke the standard of high and low official use since the end of the Han Dynasty, and () announced the reuse of those who have a humble background and a low first, although they have short and specialized skills. Some people with small shortcomings can be measured and employed, such as Zhang Liao and Xu Huang of Cao Cao ... Although they are of humble origins, they have been promoted to become generals due to their humble skills. Ru Yun, the magnificent situation of the minister, such as rain, for him to capture the world's base.

Cao Cao not only interviewed for talents, but also used the strength of people and the shortcomings of others in war to turn passive into active, turn disadvantages into advantages, and win with less, and win with weakness. For example, Yuan Shao wanted to destroy Cao Cao's political center Xu Chang with the strength of 100,000 troops in 199 AD and eliminate Cao Cao in one fell swoop. Cao Cao had only 20,000 troops at that time. When he learned that Yuan Shao was about to launch an attack, he and the counselor analyzed the situation at the time. He used Yuan Shao's indecisiveness and inconsistent internal opinions to defeat Yuan Shao by all means to calm the north.

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