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600 words after reading Contradiction

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600 words after reading Contradiction

"The spear of the child, the shield of the attacker" This small story is a contradictory event. I remember when I was young, I first heard Chairman Mao's "Contradiction" and thought that it was about contradictions like daily understanding. However, after reading my "Contradiction" recently, I really realized that the meaning of contradiction is far more than that.

There is a contradiction in every kind of thing. This is the universality of contradictions. For example, the traditional Chinese medicine refers to yin and yang. Only when there are contradictions between them can sustainable development be achieved; "there is competition for development" is also the philosophical meaning contained in the contradictions. Only the existence of mutual restraint can make things survive well.

With the development of capitalism, productivity has greatly improved, and labor-management relations have eased. It has been suggested that capitalism can enter socialism peacefully through gradual adjustments. In fact, this is just a state where contradictions have not intensified, and contradictions still exist and develop. This was later proved by the development of capitalism. However, the universality of contradictions can only be manifested through the contradictions of various concrete things, and the specific contradictory manifestations of concrete things are the particularities of contradictions.

Now the world is in the stage of economic crisis. I think the emergence of the financial crisis is almost the same as the principle of "yin wins, but cold, and Yang Sheng is hot." It is because the original equilibrium state disturbed by American hegemony has led the world The emergence of the financial crisis, if you want to restore the original economic development, you must achieve fair competition and reduce war;

By studying "Contradiction", I have a deeper understanding of philosophy, and I have learned to look at the world rationally. People are not just perceptual understanding of the world. The young generation of us is in a period of passion. The contradictions we face are more complex and diverse, which requires us to correctly use contradictory analysis to treat problems and establish a correct outlook on life.

600 words after reading Contradiction

I remember that I had already read the contradictions in Marxist philosophy when I was in high school, and later I read Chairman Mao's "On Contradictions." At the beginning, I thought that the contradiction was the contradiction in our daily life that "the spear of the child, the short of attack". Later it was gradually discovered that the content of the contradictions was richer and more educational.

It is said in philosophy: the contradictory and unified relationship between things is called contradiction. In other words, contradiction is unity of opposites. Among them, "opposition" refers to the mutually exclusive and separated attributes and trends of the contradictory parties, and is also called "fighting." "Unification" refers to the attributes and trends that attract the two parties to each other and are connected to each other. It is also called "identity". ()

Contradictions exist in everything, and contradictions run through the development of everything. Contradiction has universality and objectivity. It is inherent in everything and does not shift by human subjective will. However, there are many people in our lives who avoid contradictions, deny contradictions, and cannot find scientific methods to understand and resolve contradictions. From Laozi's idea of "a small country and a small population" to Tao Yuanming's longing for "Xanadu", they are all looking forward to discovering or building an "ideal world" without any contradictions. In fact, such a world does not exist at all. Throughout the ages, the world in which people live is a world full of contradictions. There is no world without contradictions. Therefore, we should acknowledge the objective existence of contradictions, and cannot avoid them and deny them.

The theory of contradiction can be said to be seen from time to time in our daily life, and it can be used everywhere, all the time, everywhere. Such as the specific analysis of specific problems, the dialectical relationship between the major and minor contradictions, the principle of the relationship between the major and minor aspects of the contradiction, etc., are of great help and inspiration to our lives.

600 words after reading Contradiction

"The law of contradictions of things, the law of unity of opposites, is the fundamental law of nature and society, and therefore the fundamental law of thinking. It is the opposite of the metaphysical view of the universe. It is a great revolution in the history of human understanding. According to dialectical materialism It seems that contradictions exist in the process of all objective things and subjective thinking, and contradictions run through the whole process. This is the universality and absoluteness of contradictions. Contradictory things and each side have their own characteristics. This is the particularity and relativity of contradiction.

Contradictory things have the same identity under certain conditions, so they can coexist in a unified body and can be transformed into opposite aspects with each other. This is the particularity and relativity of contradiction. However, contradictory struggles are constant, no matter when they live together, yjnnfood.com, or when they are transformed into each other, there are struggles, especially when they are transformed into each other, the performance of the struggle is even more Obviously, this is the universality and absoluteness of contradiction. When we study the particularity and relativity of contradictions, we must pay attention to the main and non-major differences between contradictions and contradictions. When we study the universality and struggle of contradictions, we must pay attention to the various differences of contradictions. The difference in the form of struggle, otherwise you will make mistakes.

If we truly understand these points through research, we will be able to defeat the dogmatic ideas that are not conducive to our revolutionary cause in violation of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism; we can also enable experienced comrades to organize their experiences and make them Bring principles and avoid repeating empiricist mistakes. These are some simple conclusions of our study of the law of contradiction. "This is a very good educational work. This paper tells us how to know the world, how to know things, analyze things, and how to keep a clear understanding of developments. This paper can be used as yesterday or today. We deal with the direction coordinates of things.

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