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800 words after reading Don Quixote

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800 words after reading Don Quixote

Today I finished reading Don Quixote, and it touched my heart for a while. This book is not only a satire on knight literature, but also a sharp and comprehensive criticism of the society at the time in the 16th to 17th centuries. Fairness makes this book a great realistic literary masterpiece.

The protagonist is a squire who lives in the village of Mancha. He was fascinated by reading the popular knight novels. He also wanted to be a ranger knight to help the insulted and oppressed, so he rode on a thin horse. God slipped out of the house unconsciously. With a pair of broken armor and spear on his body, he named himself Don Quixote, and chose a milking girl as his wishful serviceman for life.

For the first time, he went on his own alone, and was severely affected. The second time he persuaded a farmer to be his servant and promised to appoint him as governor sooner or later, but after doing many absurd things, he was brought home by the priest and hairdresser in the same village. For the third time, the two experienced various adventures, but they were tortured and almost killed. Finally, they competed with the knights in the same village and lost and had to obey each other's arrangements to send home. After returning home, Tang Jikede couldn't afford to lie in bed. He finally understood the dangers of the knight novel, and stated in his will that his nephew would cancel the right of inheritance if he married a person who had read the knight novel.

This book uses easy-to-understand language and repeatedly describes characters with exaggerated methods. It has both thought-provoking tragedies and exaggerated comedy elements.

The author Cervantes, a Renaissance novelist, poet, and dramatist, the book Don Quixote ushered in his immortal honor.

800 words after reading Don Quixote

I wanted to read this book at first because I was full of curiosity about the storyline, and more importantly, Don Quixote. Often this way, my head is full of imaginations of one kind or another, and I can't help but hold up the book and want to read it.

Don Quixote, an old country gentleman, with the intention of putting it into practice, he seduced Eli and urged his neighbor, Sancho, to become his servant. The soul of the great knight was thinking hard that no one could understand. Reason ...

Don Quixote, a country gentleman, was fascinated by reading knight novels, and he wanted to rid himself of the knights in the book. In this way, a lunatic and a fool started this "great messenger".

In the adventure, to talk to others, as long as it does not involve knighthood, Don Quixote has a clear mind and a good understanding. He has a firm faith, a noble character, and can be called a paradigm of knighthood. He is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and the enemies of imagination. " "Fighting" has no fear, he doesn't even need his life. He firmly believes that he should help the weak, but in fact, he often causes chaos to others. He defended purity and loyalty, insisted on self-righteous love, and what he called "lover" was a stout village aunt who didn't even know him. He lived in the imaginary world, experiencing setbacks without regrets, thinking that it was just a "magic ghost" and constantly cheering Sanqiu-the knight always has to go through all kinds of difficulties to achieve great achievements.

However, Don Quixote described by Cervantes is another fearless warrior willing to sacrifice his life in order to maintain justice and save the world. He hated autocracy and cruelty, sympathized with the oppressed working masses, yearning for freedom, protecting the legitimate rights and dignity of people, stubbornly supporting the weak, and eliminating the injustices of the world as his ideal of life. He saw righteousness and never flinched. He has the idea of democracy and equality, advocating "everything is equal", the humility of social status is temporary, and only "virtue" is truly noble. He respects women and advocates liberation of personality, equality between men and women, and freedom of love. He is kind, humorous, and knowledgeable. The author actually pinned his love and hate on this character.

Don Quixote is also the embodiment of idealism. He is obsessed with his idealized chivalry. He is never afraid of people's discussion and ridicule, and is not afraid of insults and blows. Although he runs into walls everywhere, he never regrets it. Nothing can change his mind, and he is worthy of defenders of truth and justice. This lone knight who challenged the old world alone, despite repeated battles and defeats, became more and more brave, and he couldn't help admiring it.

Under Don Quixote's superficial comedic factor, there is actually a profound tragic implication. His requirements for social justice and equality for all were impossible to achieve under the powerful feudal dark forces that strangled all good wishes. He transformed the real society with an outdated and illusory knighthood. The misunderstanding of the times is completely uneducated. But his progressive thought shines the glory of bourgeois humanism, and his failure is a tragedy for a humanist.

In short, through the book "Don Quixote", I have a different understanding of society and life, and I also better understand the Spanish society's social contradictions and the turbulent ideological and cultural turbulence in the capitalist budding period. In today's environment, I think we should work hard to build a harmonious socialist society and work hard together to achieve a comprehensive well-off society! Let us work together!

800 words after reading Don Quixote

The protagonist of Don Quixote's novel was originally named Arenzo Jihada, and was a rural kun. He became fascinated by reading the knight novels that were popular in the society at the time. He also wanted to imitate the knight out of ranger. From the antiquities of his family, he found a worn-out piece of armor, named himself Don Quixote de La Mancha, and found a servant Sanqiu and a milking girl in the neighboring village, named Du Ersinia, as his favorite person for life. Then ride a thin horse and run away from home. Don Quixote also acted according to the weird thoughts in his mind, treating the windmill as a giant, the sheep as an enemy, the hard laborers as the victim's knights, the wine pouch as a giant head, indiscriminate and indiscriminate. Killing and making a lot of ridiculous things, his actions not only do no good to others, he also suffered and suffered. He was bedridden when he arrived home for the last time, only to realize that he was dying. He made a will, and the sole heir's niece, if he married the knight, revoked his right of inheritance.

After reading this book, others may think he is a visionary, but I think he is an idealist. The ideals and principles he aspires to are not all products of the actual system, which also includes humanism. Content. In the dark age when the church severely constrains people's thoughts, such a person who can break through the cage of thought and seek the liberation of human nature is the pioneer of the times, brave and fearless.

Don Quixote has a firm conviction. Instead of being an illusionist, he might as well be an idealist. In that "dark age", he suffered the ridicule of countless people, but still insists on himself, yjnnfood.com The starting point of his actions has a noble side and adheres to a noble principle. He wants to be a knight who fights for justice, stubbornly supports the weak, upholds justice, and is self-sacrifice for this, with a spirit of self-sacrifice. Among the ridicule of many people, how many people can be firm in their ideals, and always work hard for them, how many people can persist in themselves, do not follow the waves in the vast sea, and how many people can face frustration with smile, the more frustrated Brave. Although the things he fantasizes may be ridiculous, this firm belief is worthy of our study.

Although some behaviors of Tang Jikede are ridiculous, (), but he is kind, and some of his behaviors occur under the influence of Knight novels. But his nature is kind. For example, he rescued the little boy in the woods and quarreled with the little boy. Although the result was not good, it was also due to his kindness. Compared to those so-called undercover men who exploited the poor thousands of times. This is also an important reason why Don Quixote is respected by others. Don Quixote has a wealth of knowledge. When he was awake, he was an academic gentleman. If he was not poisoned by Knight novels, he would definitely be a great philosopher, which can be seen from his conversation.

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