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"Thousand Rivers with Water and Qianjiang Moon" After Reading 500 Words

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"Thousand Rivers with Water and Qianjiang Moon" After Reading 500 Words

Xiao Lihong, author of "A Thousand Rivers Have Water and A Thousand Rivers", was born in 1950, and was born in Chiayi, Taiwan. He has won the Lianhe Bao Novel Award for this book. Representative works include "Sweet Osmanthus Alley", "Qianjiang Has Water and Qianjiang Moon" and "White Water Lake Spring Dream". The story of Qianjiang Yue Qianjiang Yue takes place in a small town in Chiayi, Taiwan, in a large family in Budai Town. This family has grandparents, multiple brothers, five sons and three daughters, a total of one and two in size. Ten grandchildren. The preface of the book cover says, "The story of the leading actor Daxin first arrived in Budai, and after the heroine Zhenguan's tour guide, the two fell in love. Later Zhenguan went to work in Taipei, and Daxin went to the door to serve as a soldier. The relationship between the two changed. "But after I finished reading, the love between the two main characters left a very faint feeling in my heart. I prefer some people and things around the story. I seem to be able to read a story from everyone, read a lot of human wisdom and greatness, and read a lot of feelings about life.

First, the wisdom of the elderly

As soon as I entered the world of the story, I felt that this big family was really good. Everyone can sit together at sunrise and sunset. Throughout their lives, although repeating the daily simplicity, even if it is a discussion of housework and housework, the harmony and harmony of the family flashes the ordinary life. What impressed me most were the two elderly men and women, the grandmother and grandmother of the heroine Zhenguan. Grandpa is a very knowledgeable old man who has read a lot of books. I can make good use of these ancient wisdoms to enlighten children who have n’t read books at home or to understand the children who have already read books, “Thousand Characters”, “Women ’s Family Instruction”, “Three Character Classic” and so on. Zhenguan Elementary School only finished seventh, and her mother was disappointed. The grandfather said something insightful. "A daughter is no better than a son. A woman is different from a man. The wise woman knows that the girl is the source of the world. The future mother of the nation requires them to read and read. The reasoning was originally good, but many schools have outstanding schoolwork. In my opinion, I do n’t know the truth of being a human being. If I only teach her to get ahead, if she loses her many responsibilities as a girl, this is a big loss because of a little ... ”“ Son Not good, but one person is bad, one family is bad, one family is bad, so the daughter has the responsibility of having a daughter and daughter, but she is happy for the roots and race. Afterwards, she will marry someone to be a wife and a wife, and have some scared and domineering children ... "" A virtuous woman can only give birth to a precious child ... the family has a good wife, and the man does not do anything wrong ... "The wisdom of the world is also reflected in the book. Even if it is difficult for young children, it is like the author said through Zhenguan In a word, the more you read the book, the more you read it. After reading the book, yjnnfood.com, the more you have to drill into it.

Treating junior grandfathers with such wisdom, and treating foreigners, the grandpa's wisdom is even more touching. My grandfather and Zhenguan visited the fish pond just to see someone stealing melon from the vegetable field in their yard. Grandpa pulled Zhen Guan to the door, and detoured to the front door. "The grandfather hid the man's heart more than the cover of the man who picked the melon." Old people often say: people of their generation die poorly and do not become thieves. Grandpa deeply understands that everyone has difficulties, and there is no need to expose everything to the embarrassment of both parties. How generous and generous this is when dealing with people.

If the grandfather's work is the result of a wealth of knowledge, the grandmother's behavior is even more ordinary wisdom of ordinary life, which is just the most neglected ordinary of human beings. Grandpa's brother, Uncle San, raised a young son and was petted since he was a child. He was even more contentious when he married his little daughter-in-law. The son she raised after the separation did not let her worry about everything, steal, drink, and do bad things. Xiao Xie's furious urged her son to the big family to find the elders. The grandmother left her daughter-in-law to speak. "The ancients said that the bad wife is incapable of being treated." The daughter-in-law regrets that he is just a man who splits his family's fortune, disperses his parents, throws his parents, and loses his brother. Benevolence. "The filial piety is deficient, even if you have a son, you ca n’t be expensive; a filial piety is also obtained from yourself ... As long as you are good, your son will be just fine, as the old saying goes: If you will be a wife, you will have noble children ..." The bride starts from the young daughter-in-law, follows the ethics of the wife, and fulfills the duties of the wife. Although her grandmother is old now, her words and deeds are her teachings to future generations.

It is through vicissitudes that we can enjoy the beauty, and through prosperity, we can find peace. There is ordinary peace in the ordinary, and there is quiet ease in the quiet. This is what life teaches them, and this is what they teach me.

"Thousand Rivers with Water and Qianjiang Moon" After Reading 500 Words

I first read this book because of the teacher's introduction. He told us that if you want to put aside the hustle and bustle of the city, listen to the pure love songs in the country and look at this book.

Qianjiang has water, thousands of months, and thousands of miles without clouds. This sentence should be a Buddhist slang saying the meaning of oneness. I think of the sentence in the dream of the Red Mansion, the daughter is made of water.

The gentle and agile rivers reflect the winding moon.

The gurgling water murmured his mind and quietly looked back, hoping that the moon could understand his own mind, but the girl's shyness turned her back quickly, for fear of being found. Ripples rippled with a fascination; the moon faintly heard the confession of the river, and he was deeply in love, and even saw her face every night. His heart was reflected in the water, the silver light was full of deep love; they fell in love, the days together were sweet, and they counted the stars in the sky, chasing the fish in the water together. They loved it so deeply, she sang a song for his hometown for him, and he gave her whole heart to her for preservation. ()

When the gale blew, dark clouds floated, and the waves that broke the waves broke his heart. He was confused, he misunderstood, he was mistaken, and he lost his lover forever. A moment of anger fainted his head, he shouted why, and took away the heart that originally belonged to her; she regretted that she had hurt him, but justified that she was so pale and weak at this time, only to watch in tears His heart gradually blurred and people went away. She hated herself, hitting the shore over and over again, trying to end her life. But when she woke up again, she found that she had been washed into the sea, and everything was over. She raised his head and looked at the sky. It was blue and cloudless. Without his trace, but the blue of the sky has not faded, everything becomes calm and lasting.

This is the classic deep and regretful love between Zhenguan and Daxin, quiet and distant, simple and natural. If you are interested, check out this novel.

"Thousand Rivers with Water and Qianjiang Moon" After Reading 500 Words

I have read this book for many years, and the plot of the story has been forgotten. But some of the sentimentalities that have been written at the moment are excerpted from the book here. It feels warm and natural, and picking it up again is a strange feeling.

"In the same month of thousands of mountains, all households are full of spring, thousands of rivers have water, thousands of months, and thousands of miles without clouds."

I read the book "A Thousand Rivers Have Water, A Thousand Rivers", and I was most deeply touched by the description of my hometown scenery and affection. There is also the romantic and sincere emotional experience of Zhenguan Daxin.

The moon in the hometown is like this. No matter how the times change, the hometown always occupies the most important position. The mountains and rivers of the hometown are always the harbor and the shore on which people rest. No matter what kind of people have experienced, they always love their homeland and loved ones. Qianshan is the same this month, Qianjiang is the same, isn't it? The most rare thing is that kind of affection and friendship, isn't it like this in the world, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. The precious relationship is consistent. A Zhenguan Daxin regrets that they did not have a happy ending, but this result is also very good. That experience was buried deep in their hearts. Such love is indifferent and sorrowful, unselfish, and can be called eternal. Although it is not successful, it is not a waste of life to keep a pure world for each other. What's right and wrong, right and wrong? Feelings are often unclear, and things that are unknown are beyond the control of anyone who is affectionate, so those who do n’t know how to hide gold in mountains and pearls in deep.

The ending of the story is not perfect, but it can be thought that Zhen Guan will have a new beginning and a great change. Forget the past, change the original intention, or return to the place where she was raised. I really admire it a little bit of admiration. No matter what my emotions are, I will never forget her hometown. So family relationships are so warm. It seems that all those who give true love may not be the ones who gave true love in the first place. Things in the world are really difficult to understand. How can life be affectionate: love is bitter and tiring. , Death when Sauvignon Blanc.

Why are there so many unsatisfactory things in life, the most important thing is an ordinary heart. The trauma of personnel can be healed and recovered. Otherwise, how should life be spent for decades, all emotions are turned into a force, and the impediment is returned to heaven and earth, a source of this power. Endlessly spring and spring.

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