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"How to Hug a Hedgehog" After Reading 3,000 Words

"How to Hug a Hedgehog" After reading 3,000 words: When my daughter was 16 years old, she entered high school because of early enrollment, and my disaster followed. This year is the darkest period in my life. I'd rather die than die. I really want to jump down from the tenth floor when I am anxious. When I was a kid, my family was in a bad financial situation, and my parents were busy running to support their families. No ...

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"Cao Cao Biography" 600 words after reading

After reading Cao Cao's biography (1) I am not a hero and I do n’t understand the Three Kingdoms. The word in Lin Junjie's "Cao Cao" just broke the secret and restored a real Cao Cao. You have great ambitions, but you are not so incomparable. In fact, you have your own loneliness. When I was young, Cao Yong was so young ...

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"White Bird" Book 800 words

After reading "White Bird" 800 words, I recently read an inspirational book called "White Bird". It tells the story of a junior high school student who grew up in the cold eyes of his classmates and the teacher's incomprehension to overcome all difficulties. Liu Guanghui is a very good junior high school student. Teachers like him very much, and as a result, he became a provincial best student. but,...

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"Let's Go to the Sea" After Reading 400 Words

"Let's go to the sea" after reading 400 words "Let's go to the sea" is the second novel in "Old Things in the South of the City". The protagonist Lin Yingzi moved to a new home. And became friends. Yingzi always listens to his stories. When he is happy, Yingzi picks up the "Let's go to the sea ..."

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"Words of Practice" After Reading 600 Words

After reading 600 words of "On Practice", I read Mao Zedong's "On Practice" and I deeply understand that "On Practice" is one of Mao Zedong's most outstanding philosophical works. Mao Zedong combined China's specific social practice has profoundly revealed the close relationship between knowledge and practice. "Practice" says ...

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"Empty City Plan" after reading 500 words

After reading "Empty City" 500 words, I heard that Zhuge Liang was an outstanding talent in ancient China. He knows astronomy and geography, and he is really brave. Today, when I saw the story of "Empty City Plan" in a book written by Zhuge Liang, I couldn't wait to open it and read it. This story mainly tells that Zhuge Liang lost his street kiosk ...

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500 words after reading Queen Mary of Scotland

"Queen Mary of Scotland" after reading 500 words "Bookworm Oxford English-Chinese bilingual reading: Queen Mary of Scotland" tells about 1561, Scotland is still an uncivilized country. When the young Queen of Scotland returned to Scotland from France, at first his people were very happy to see her. Her husband, the King of France, is dead, now she needs a ...

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After reading Shen Shixi's "Bird Slave" 500 words

500 Words After Reading "Bird Slave" Last week, I read an animal novel "Bird Slave" by Shen Shixi, the king of Chinese animal novels. This novel is about a pair of snake sculptures and a pair of mules nesting on a large green tree in the northern Yunnan Plateau. The snake eagle couple gave birth to two snake eagles, and the brother-in-law gave birth to four brothers. To avoid the snake ...

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600 words after reading Contradiction

After reading "The Theory of Contradiction", I felt that 600 words used the spear of the child, and the short story of the attack of the shield is a contradictory event. I remember when I was young, I first heard Chairman Mao's "Contradiction" and thought that it was about contradictions like daily understanding. However, after my recent reading of "Contradiction", I really realized that the meaning of contradiction is far from ...

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"Shen Shixi Novel Collection" after reading 400 words

"Shen Shixi Novel Collection" after reading 400 words This story is from Shen Shixi's animal legend, "Followed by a fox again", author Shen Shixi. The story is mainly about: A young man was tricked by a sly fox couple on his way home to a big pheasant. A few days later, when the young man went uphill to cut firewood, he met the pair of foxes again ...

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