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Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" After Reading Composition 600 Words

"Old Man and the Sea" after reading 700 words: Recently read the well-known American expert Hemingway's famous short story "The Old Man and the Sea", deeply moved. The novel tells a story: the main character of the story, the old fisherman San Diego, went fishing for 84 days in a row, but every time he returned by empty boat. When he went to sea on the 85th day, he encountered a non ...

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"Chameleon" 600-word composition after reading

600 Words After Reading Chameleon: In this summer vacation, I read the short satirical novel "Chameleon" by Russian writer Chekhov. This novel exposes the ferocious tsarist authoritarianism, and it deeply touches me. This novel tells the story of a jeweller, Heryugin, being bitten by a dog on the road with a finger, to police officer Ochululuo ...

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"Camel Xiangzi" composition after reading 600 words

"Camel Xiangzi" after reading 700 words: Everyone's life is like a precipitated history, silently telling a story. At the same time, it reflects the true history of his period. One side raises one person, and one society also breeds one type of person. When I first read the book "Camel Xiangzi" in the library in college, my understanding at that time ...

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"Red Stars Shining in China" 600-word composition after reading

"Red Star Shines in China" After reading 700 words: "Red Star Shines in China" was written by Snow, an American journalist. Snow truly recorded all the news from the field interviews in the Northwest Revolutionary Base in China from June to October 1936, and truthfully reported to the world China, the Red Army of Workers and Peasants, and many Red Army leaders, generals ...

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"Angel and Devil" 600 essays after reading

"Angels and Devil" 600 words after reading: "Angels and Devil", a book full of religion, our Robert Langdon's debut. Well, I was fooled by Dan Brown again. I always thought that the "Pope's Housekeeper" was a man of integrity, but he was the biggest villain.

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"Little Woman" After Reading Composition 600 Words

"Little Woman" After Reading 600 Words: I think of this book because of "The Neapolitan Trilogy". When Lennon and Lila received the "compensation" for the doll, the first book they returned was "Little Woman ", It can educate them to grow, and it must be worth reading. The great thing about this book is that it is filled with "happiness" that everyone is looking for. ...

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Hunter's Notes: 600 Words

"Hunter's Notes" after reading 600 words: "Hunter's Notes" is a book I read during the summer vacation, which gave me some thoughts. "Hunter Notes" tells the story of a hunter experiencing or encountering during hunting. The story that most resonates with me is "The Love Story of the Little Landlord Karataev." It ’s about: Karataev loves ...

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If you give me three words of bright composition after reading 600 words

If I read 600 words for three days of bright reading: These days, I read a very good book-"If you give me three days of bright". The author of this book is Helen Keller. This book not only touched me a lot, but also gave me a lot of knowledge. The main content of "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" is Helen Keller ...

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"The Tragic World" 600 essays after reading

Fraternity-600 words after reading "The Tragic World": "The Tragic World" is one of the most famous works of Hugo, the great French realist writer. It describes the different destinies of people at all levels of society on the eve of the French Revolution, reflects the contradictions of society at that time, praises the goodness and innocence of human nature, and lashes the ruling class and high society ...

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Insects after reading composition 600 words

"Insects" after reading 600 words: Recently, I have read Fabry's "Insects" after reading, I feel quite deep. Fabre observes insects in the natural environment, truly records the instincts and habits of insects, and writes an insect masterpiece, Insect Record. "Insect" describes in detail the life process of insects: locusts, dung beetles ...

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