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Kite flying people feel 600 words after reading, 800 words after reading "Kite Chaser"

Article 1: The kite-hunter reads a 600-word composition "The Kite-chaser" tells the friendship story between 12-year-old Afghan rich master Amir and his father's servant son Hassan It is the delicate words that outline the family and friendship, betrayal and redemption, but shocked me. Be a servant ...

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After reading Robinson Crusoe, 600 words, after reading Robinson Crusoe, 600 words

Article 1: 600-character composition after reading Robinson Crusoe When you are alone on an isolated island, will you survive tenaciously, or will you wait for the death? If you choose to sit still, you should read a book called Robinson Crusoe. "Robin Sun Crusoe" This adventure novel is exciting: in a voyage ...

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The old man and the sea feel 600 words, read "The Old Man and the Sea" 600 words

Article 1: After reading 600 characters in "The Old Man and the Sea", the failure of 600 words is very scary in the eyes of many people. Once it is mad, it can defeat people's fighting spirit, make people completely collapse, and lose the hope of life. If failure cannot defeat you, but you are trampled under your feet, then success must belong to you. The famous writer Hemingway in "The Old Man and the Sea ...

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600 words after reading 20,000 miles under the sea, 600 words after reading "20,000 miles under the sea"

Article 1: After reading 20,000 miles under the sea 600 words, I opened "20,000 Miles Under the Sea" with curiosity, and took the Nautilus submarine on the Nautilus submarine with the hero explorer naturalist in the book to start the legendary underwater trip. We toured the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans.

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600 words on Mystic Island, 600 words on Mystic Island

Article 1: After reading 600 words on Mystery Island, I was bored during the holidays, so I picked up a book and looked at it. At first I felt very boring. Later, the storyline became more and more exciting. Mystery Island is the son of Captain Grant, the famous trilogy of Jules Verne, 20,000 miles under the sea and the last of Mystery Island. The general content of the story is: in ...

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