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"Little Caterpillar" 200 words after reading composition

200 words after reading "Little Caterpillar": Today I learned the text "Little Caterpillar" and found it very interesting. This text is mainly about the process and changes of small caterpillar growth. The caterpillar is not like other insects. It neither sings nor runs, and it does not fly. Even moving a little bit will cost nine cattle and two tigers. But it is not pessimistic and disappointed ...

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"Spider Opens" Sequel 200 Words

"Spider Open Store" sequel 200 sequels: Spider said to her: "Hello sister, your feet are too much! If I have knitted all your socks for you, then I will need to knit the whole thing." For a month, and all my silk threads will be used ...

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"Three Body" After Reading Composition 200 Words

"Three Body" after reading 200 words: This book opened my imagination and shocked me over and over again. With simple knowledge of physics, it is difficult to understand what a three-body problem is, dimensions, strong interaction forces, and space curvature. It's not how shocking the physics of the future is, but whether we will face the alien civilization as the book says? ...

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200 Words in the Norwegian Forest

200 words in Norwegian forest after reading: This holiday season I revisited Haruki Murakami's love novel "Norwegian Forest". Seeing Haruki Murakami again in his calm language about Watanabe's youth, seeing life and death, death and sex, sex and love, frankness and sincerity in the youth, Naoko's lonely soul wandering in confusion And finally choose ...

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Reading "Beauty Tree" After Reading Composition 100 words 200 words

100 words after reading "Beauty Tree": This time I watched "Beauty Tree". This book is about a tree, but I have a long-term desire to travel. In order to get her free walking legs, she lied to the girl Sansang mercilessly. So, beautiful lies one after another ... Until one day, a girl named Potato came to the tree, and her trust made this tree ...

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The brave king's adventures After reading, the composition is about 200 words and 250 words.

After reading the adventures of the King of Bragging, I read about 200 words: I read the book The Adventures of the King of Bragging. The hero in the book is named Meng Haosen, and I have told you that I have traveled to the moon and hunted in the jungle. In bragging, I think bragging is not good, and others will not believe you. As a result, Menghausen took a risk. That day ...

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200 words after reading "Rabbit Slope"

"Rabbit Slope" after reading 200 words: Today I finished reading "Rabbit Slope". The book tells about a place called Rabbit Hill. One day, a new family is coming, and the small animals living there are particularly nervous. The previous family was delicious and lazy, did nothing, and did not plant crops, which made the little rabbits full. How they hope ...

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"Crooked Head Wood Pillar" After Reading 200 Compositions

200 Words After Reading "Crooked Head Wood Pillars": During the winter vacation, I read the book "Crooked Head Wood Pillars". The book says: There is a wood stake. He looks down on others and he feels better than anyone. One day, a little boy scribbled on his body with a knife and finished saying that the wooden stakes were like statues. At this time, the wooden stakes heard themselves like statues, ...

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"Dedication of Suspect X" after reading composition 200 words

"Dedication of Suspect X" after reading 200 words: Recording the first book that Keigo Higashino read, a book that I want to read in one breath, I feel that my brain cells are not enough, but a critical time Ignored, telling the truth at the end really understands the greatness of the stone god. Establish all assumptions before you commit sin ...

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How to make steel made after reading composition 200 words

"How Steel Is Made" 200 words after reading: During the holidays, I read a book called "How Steel Is Made". The storyline revolves around the main character, Paul Kochkin. Paul was the son of a worker. He lost his father in his early years. His brother was a worker. In elementary school, he hated the priest.

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